Giving Advice

Recently, I polled all of the employees here at The Brandon Agency to see what advice they would give to each other, both on a personal and professional basis. Sometimes we all need a little inspiration and I wanted to make sure that I could share this with everyone.

Some of the advice I received from my co-workers:


Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking – Cheryl H.
There’s a place for everyone in the world – Michael J.
Don’t Give Up … Don’t Ever Give Up – Erin B.
Don’t be hesitant to listen when the wrong person tells you the right thing – Erica C.
Suck the marrow out of life! – Andy K.
Love everyone for who they are and don’t hate anyone for who they aren’t – Julie V.
Never go to bed angry – Wendi B.
A little bit of encouragement goes a long way. Let people know when they are doing a good job – John R.


Take time to make the right decisions, because it is you who needs to stand behind them. – Jami F.
Give it your all everyday. – JoAnne G.
If you want it you got to go get it, because no on is going to give it to you. – Lisa C.
Don’t ever ask someone who works for or with you to do something you would not or have not already done for yourself. – Tyler E.
Do your very best. Be honest and hardworking at whatever you do. – Heather J.
Work feels less like work if you enjoy what you do. – David J.
Above all be honest in your business dealings. Honesty is always the best policy. – Floy P.
Integrity, integrity, integrity – Michael S.
Don’t take things to personally. It is just business. – Nancy G.

Giving advice is a great gift. Yet, we sometimes run into trouble because of the way we offer it. The ability to give advice in a positive, constructive or even inspirational way is an art. I have come up with a few ways to give advice with effectiveness and compassion.

1. Make sure to carefully understand the situation by listening. This way you can get all of the facts without confusing any information. Don’t get partial information, get all of it – communication is key. By us listening, this shows the other person that we do care and that they will be more likely to listen when it is our turn. It is empathic listening that establishes the connection.
2. Make sure that before you start to offer your advice to get their permission to do so. Unsolicited advice is a major cause of grief among co-workers, friends or even family. Give them the opportunity to say “yes” or “no” to you before you move forward.
3. Make sure when you are giving your advice, remember you aren’t selling it or making them do as you say, but having them participate in active listening. You are offering your insights, experiences or ideas, and expressing to them that this is just another point of view. Let them know that they will need to decide what is right for them to live by.

So, remember it doesn’t matter what type of business you are in or what situation that you are given, just take the time to think things through. My best advice is this, take time to listen and communicate, think about it and then be careful and cautious in your delivery.