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Facebook's Demographics are Changing: Is it Time for a Strategic Assessment?

While teenagers and college students are prone to trends and the latest social media craze, adults tend to stick with what they like. Adults also have more spending power; teens and college students typically do not. As long as Facebook keeps growing with adults, I think it will trade being the trendy social media platform with teens for the real dollars of adults.

One key to social media marketing (or any type of marketing) is using the right platforms to target the right audiences. As teens continue to drop Facebook in droves, keen marketers will need to determine which new social platforms are fads and which have staying power. These same marketers will develop strategies that take advantage of the older demographics that are replacing younger demographics on Facebook. Agencies who know their social media are well positioned to guide brands in the right direction.

When the Brandon Agency assesses a new social media client’s situation, we ask ourselves a few simple questions:

· What social platforms is the target audience using most often?

· What content will drive the highest engagement level?

· How can we develop a strategy that motivates the audience to share content?

· How can we deliver the most value to the target audience?

Oftentimes we may end up employing a strategy of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and, of course, Facebook, but based on our research and in-depth analysis, we may emphasize one or two platforms more than the others. So despite the demographic of Facebook changing, we’re still using it, and the social media giant isn’t going anywhere. In some cases though, the strategy of how we use Facebook has changed.