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Facebook To Unveil News Reader?

Tired of getting your news from CNN, your local CBS affiliate or Twitter? Facebook’s gonna solve your problem!

The (semi) super-secret plans to the launch the monolith’s news reading service could be happening before the Super Bowl, according to Re/Code.

Currently dubbed “Paper,” the reader will reportedly work like Flipboard, and, according to the Re/Code post, Paper will most certainly incorporate Facebook posts.

There is still speculation if Paper will be a stand-alone app or possibly be in a different format, including the probability of it being a mobile friendly Web-based entity.

You can bet the farm that it’ll be best consumed on a tablet though.

And, of course, the foot soldiers over at Facebook declined comment when asked what was going on. The standard line of “We do not comment on rumors and speculation.” was given.

Hardly ever mentioned, Facebook’s news reader has been in the works for years. And the TWO CHANGES to the newsfeed over the last year or so? Live testing to gauge the interest in news aggregation.

Another clue was the March 2013 launch of the news feed redesign. It was then the Zuck said this in a press announcement:

“What we are trying to give everyone is a copy of the best personalized newspaper in the world.”

It really feels like this is another move by the current social giant to stave off upstarts, but I have reservations if it will work.

People are, on the whole, creatures of habit and take a staunch stance against change. Plus, there is a true underground that are tired of the ever-evolving changes in the privacy policy for Facebook.

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Image courtesy of Flipboard’s Facebook page.