Wishlist for Facebook

Facebook Features We Wish Existed

Christmas is still weeks away, but we’re getting a head start on our wish list this year. Here’s our list of the top eight Facebook features we wish existed:

1. We wish…Facebook would allow us to conduct searches for brand pages by location or category (i.e., shopping/retail, restaurant, hotel, cause, education, etc).

2. We wish…Facebook would list the date of a page’s most recent update in the search results, just like they list the location, what category of business, how many likes and how many people checked-in.

3. We wish…Facebook allowed us to sort photos in an album by the number of Likes, comments and most viewed.

4. We wish…Facebook would let page managers respond to individual comments under a post.

5. We wish…Facebook wouldn’t make us put in the year, month, day and time all over again when we schedule posts and forget to add a photo before we schedule the time.

6. We wish…Facebook wouldn’t assume our default sharing setting is “Only Me” when we change it one time.

7. We wish…Facebook would allow us to schedule posts on our personal profiles too.

8. We wish…Facebook would make comments posted under a “Question” visible without having to click on the actual question.

What else would you add to our wish list?