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CresCom Bank goes public

On July 1, 2014, Carolina Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: CARO), the parent company of CresCom Bank, announced that its public stock has transitioned from the OTCQB marketplace (“OTCQB”) to the NASDAQ Capital Market. This is an exciting time, not only for CresCom Bank, but for The Brandon Agency, as this becomes our first publicly traded client.

The agency played an integral part in preparing CresCom Bank for this transition. The public relations team conducted extensive research to outline the necessary steps and timeline for all documents required by SEC and assisted in finalizing all the necessary press releases upon deadline so they could be released on the wire.

“Being listed on the NASDAQ is a significant accomplishment for Carolina Financial Corporation,” said president and CEO of Carolina Financial Corporation Jerry L. Rexroad. “Moving to the NASDAQ is part of our strategic plan to provide our shareholders liquidity in their stock.”

Being a publicly trading company requires extensive compliance with everything that is published about the company. The account service and PR team worked closely with the bank’s compliance manager to ensure all the necessary language, financial reports and SEC documents were posted according to NASDAQ’s requirements on the bank’s website. This required close communication with the lawyers and team to ensure, once the release was posted to the wire, that the documents were uploaded to the website.

As we move into 2015, CresCom Bank continues to grow and expand into other markets. One of the strategic goals is to continually increase shareholders’ value. This places CresCom Bank in a positive view with our investors, customers and the communities in which they have a presence. Advertising and PR will continue to assist in making sure this goal is achieved.


Christie DeAntonio

Director of Client Services

An Ohio native, Christie puts her well-honed listening skills and 16 years of advertising-industry experience to work at The Brandon Agency helping clients identify impediments to growth and develop proven strategies for success. Holding a degree in Retail and Consumer Sciences from the University of Arizona and having worked at respected agencies in Los Angeles, San Diego and Charleston before joining TBA in 2014, Christie has helped a diverse array of brands such as Santee Cooper, CresCom Bank, MUSC and Intel meet and exceed their business goals. When not working, she can be found spending time with her husband and two young kids at the beach, cooking, enjoying good wine, and traveling.

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