Media Evaluation, Strategy & Planning

Before jumping into the social media landscape, we take a step back and evaluate your brand’s current footprint and industry activity across all social platforms. We’ll analyze many elements, including:

  • current audience count
  • customer demographics
  • publishing frequency
  • customer engagement
  • content strategy
  • hashtag implementation
  • profile completeness
  • competitor positioning

Knowing strengths and weaknesses allows us to make key recommendations and help drive your content strategy.

Great results start with a great plan. A specific, clearly stated, and well-researched strategy leads to the best execution and results. We begin by developing social media goals that align with your business objectives. Consensus on these goals will allow us to measure success. Thorough background research is key; we learn all we can about:

  • your audience
  • their demographics
  • their device usage
  • their platform preferences and
  • other relevant motivations

From there, we look at your competition, conduct an audit of your current social efforts, and develop a comprehensive, longterm strategy to achieve your desired results.

We don’t just focus on “what is,” because you also need to know “what’s next.” So, when we build the next quarterly or annual plan, we work with you to examine what worked, what didn’t, where the industry’s headed, and what future efforts might have the biggest impact for you.