Social Media Services

Social Media management

Community Management

If you are looking for social media experts who can help with everything from posting and monitoring your social media channels to understanding the subtleties of social media trends and responding to your fans, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of community managers makes the management of your organic social media efforts simple and organized. From quickly understanding your brand to the detailed creation of your content calendars to assisting with the daily strategies to reach your target, we can help. And when it comes to understanding all the latest trends and functionality of the ever-changing world of social media platforms, we are experts at everything from TikTok and Twitter to Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Content Creation

If you need content, you’re in the right place. Our social media creation and production experience is deep. From extreme vertical assets to awkward horizontal sizes, we are experts at capturing content in a way that will work across all of your social and digital needs. Our in-house production team, Cineloco, means you have a team of editors, videographers and photographers at the ready to craft the social content you need. Couple that with our teams of copywriters, designers, art directors and animators, and you can be certain you’ll have all the content you need, when you need it. It’s how we created over 21,000 pieces of content just last year.

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Audience Research, Targeting & Acquisition

Who are your actual consumers, and who do you want them to be? We research, we listen, and then we target. If you want to grow your existing audience, we can do just that—or we can help you successfully pivot your strategy to reach a different group. We are the Carolinas’ only Certified Brand Strategists. Our strategic experts work their magic to push your brand into the best space in the market.

The more eyes on your social media account, the more impact and influence your posts can have. Similarly, as posts see initial success and engagement—amplified by follower sharing and comments—their effectiveness grows and new audiences are reached. Our social media team has a proven track record of building large account followings via organic and opt-in methods. We focus on giving your brand the best chance to boost engagement and increase revenues.

Competitive Analysis & Tracking

At Brandon, we’re driven by your success. As such, we strive to stay in the know when it comes to your competitive landscape and related industries. As your ongoing partner, we routinely track your competitors including, but not limited to:

  • Social media platform scanning and feedback
  • Competitor paid social ad tracking
  • Competitor audience research and mining

Our goal is to arm you with the information you need to keep your brand a cut above the rest. 

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Analytics & Consultation

Beyond active implementation, we also serve as strategic partners for our clients. Not sure how to create a new channel? We’ve got you covered. Need help handling negative customer feedback? We’re here. Want to know the latest and greatest social marketing tactics? Shoot us a note! The learning and growing never stops, and our team of experts is with you every step of the way.

Asset Aggregation

Our creative team immerses themselves in your brand and your content strategy. Then, bring it to life through engaging visuals and messaging. Consistency is key, so no matter if a campaign calls for infographics, videos, photos, ads, articles, advertorials, or anything in between, the work we create will always fit your brand and reinforce a recognizable aesthetic.

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Reputation Management/Customer Relations

The most important part of building a relationship on social media is listening. Social media is typically the first line of defense when it comes to fielding customer complaints, though it’s also a great place to garner praise and harvest brand evangelism. We know your brand, your pain points, and exactly what to say to maintain your reputation as a brand. Count on us to foster online relationships for you.


After launch, a social media campaign requires you to post with optimal frequency. More importantly, you’ll also need to actively monitor responses to your posts and then engage with commenters. Of course, your responses must use the correct voice and tone so they match up with your brand’s personality. Plus, you’ll also need to conduct proper crisis management whenever negative comments and consumer complaints arise. It’s a lot of work. But with years of experience overseeing the daily activities of clients across the spectrum of industries, our social media team can handle it all. We’re adept at posting the right content at the right times, then responding to followers’ comments and messages in an appropriate, timely, and engaging manner.

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Distribution & Hashtag Strategy

To make sure your message is heard, we actively promote and distribute your social media content to various online audiences. For maximum exposure, we use a combination of owned, earned, and paid channels. You can trust our team of experts to hit just the right distribution mix required for the best return on our social efforts.

Is your social media message reaching #therightcrowd? The hashtag has become an important tool on a number of social media platforms. It harnesses audience-specific messages for the people who care most about the topic and want to learn more. But a hashtag tactic that’s effective on Twitter may not hit the same mark on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. With a strong understanding of each platform and knowledge of what has proven most effective, our social media team will help you get your message to the followers who are most eager to consume it.