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America’s leading legal marketing agency. Take your law firm to the next level. Integrated marketing services specifically for law firms who want to grow. 

We specialize in helping growth-oriented law firms drive increased leads that convert to clients. Founded by attorney and marketing expert, Scott Brandon, we are a new breed of marketing firm, evolved for today’s legal marketing landscape. Lean, data-driven and fully-integrated, Brandon is designed to relentlessly pursue results for your law firm. We leverage insights and technology to unlock your hidden potential. Our team of legal marketing experts are results-obsessed and on a single-minded mission to drive cost-efficient leads that drive new lucrative cases to your law firm.

An integrated, one-stop shop for all legal marketing needs:

Website Development & Optimization

With a powerful website development team, insightful UX, robust email and CRM programs, and the latest in innovative data and analytics support, we are experts at crafting engaging and successful interactive experiences. We deliver custom solutions designed to drive brand and operational growth.

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Search Marketing

As a leading SEO and search marketing agency, our specialists have a proven track record of building strategies for a myriad of industries to help you rise above your competition, regardless of your product, service, or location. We are a certified Google Partner, and you can be certain that only 100% white hat techniques will be used, keeping your website penalty-free while driving transformative lead generation and growth. 

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Paid Media

The best media plans find where people are both consuming the most media and are highly engaged with the medium; social media is the epitome of this. We excel in moving consumers through the entire marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion, because we speak to them when and where they’re most engaged. With relevant ads and precise targeting, we help broker a win-win for you and your consumers.

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Social Media

We are leaders in leveraging social media as a marketing tool for our clients. We don’t see it as being only about content or placement. It’s about deeply understanding and leveraging the way people absorb information, how they think, feel, and behave on social platforms. We can bring you growth in brand awareness, owned media assets, and—most importantly—revenue. Our team of experts can provide turnkey solutions to unlock the full potential of both your organic and paid social content implementation.

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When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, our approach to marketing automation is pretty hard to beat. By syncing up your automated email messaging with your customer’s exact point in the buying process, we’re able to nurture that lead and increase your chances that they’ll pull the trigger. And with it set on auto-pilot, you’ll have more time to get back to business.

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Public Relations

We are creative thought leaders and results-oriented communicators driven to drive awareness and engagement for your brand. Our goal is to establish your credibility, engage target audiences with unique stories, and create a flurry of demand that will boost your bottom line. Our expert team will guide you through the ever-evolving media world to put you in the spotlight—and keep you there.

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Brand Strategy

As one of only 24 certified brand strategy consultancies in the country, we are experts at developing new brand road maps from scratch as well as refreshing legacy brands. Our Convergence brand process focuses on understanding your customer, what they want, who you are as an organization, why you exist, why you’re different and why that’s important to your customer. And ultimately, our findings drive new opportunities to grow your brand and your business.

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Video Production

From big-time national TV spots to high-volume content shoots, as well as day in the life videos, we are uniquely positioned and staffed to help you execute any advertising or content work you need to fulfill your marketing efforts with directors, videographers, writers, animators, photographers and more. We’re faster and more affordable too while delivering the highest level of quality.

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Content Development

Content is key, and our award-winning copywriters and editors have a proven grasp of what message works best on each platform. From strategic blog-topic planning and copy development to LinkedIn copy that shines and speaks directly to professional audiences, our team can develop a brand story that transcends the platform it’s delivered on. Additional content-marketing capabilities include podcasts, short- and long-form videos for impact across all platforms, and print and email newsletters to position you as trusted experts in your field.

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Big Data has changed the way you do business. It’s now possible for you to track, compile, and evaluate market information faster than ever. In greater depth. And in real time. All this data is great, but success is driven by what you do with it. That’s why it’s our goal to bring custom, detailed analytics to life for you. Unlocking your data’s potential means you’ll quickly learn about meaningful trends and activities. From an expert team, you’ll gain insights on media, messaging, and strategy—all so you can make the most informed marketing decisions possible.

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We are:

  • Committed to taking your law firm to the next level
  • An integrated marketing agency for today’s modern law firm 
  • Proven marketing leaders for today’s modern law firms

Our Legal Marketing Experience

  • Bellamy Law Firm
  • Miller Law Group
  • Turner Padgett
Scott Brandon


Chief Executive Officer, Legal Category Expert

Scott is the CEO of Brandon and its parent TBA Worldwide and currently leads the Law Firm Marketing Specialty Team focused on driving improved results in an ever-changing, digitally centric world.

He serves clients on a wide-range of topics including brand strategy (he is a Certified Brand Strategist), digital transformation, digital strategy, implementation and optimization, research, client attorney selection path analysis and marketing programs that drive increased awareness, preference and conversion. He has exceptional experience in originating new mass tort cases having successfully driven over 100,000 successful Camp Lejeune, AFFF and Hair Relaxer cases to our clients. 

He is a proven leader with deep experience in the Professional Services category. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of a publicly traded regional bank holding company and recently led the digital transformation of a large International financial services firm resulting in dramatically increased conversion rates and profitability.

When not working, Scott is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with his family. He serves on the Board of Trustees for Brookgreen Gardens as well as three private company boards.

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