Find Balance: Tips from a Working Mom

Find Balance: Tips from a Working Mom

I love being a mom. I love my career. Almost 3 years ago I became a working-mom and it’s a hat I proudly wear. Working in marketing and advertising for 16 years, I’ve learned how to juggle a million tasks in a day, put out last minute fires, and work long hours. So when I became a mom almost 3 years ago, I felt prepared since these professional skills are interchangeable with motherhood. Here’s a few things I try to do to balance my work life and my home life.

1. Plan, but be ready to pivot.

I’m a planner by nature so I will map out each day almost down to the hour to be productive and efficient. Moms know no matter how much you can plan though, you have to be able to turn on a dime. You just never know when school is going to call and say your child is sick, or better yet, when a pandemic is going to happen. So, patience is crucial. Flexibility is a must and knowing when to put down your phone or computer and be present with your kids is something I’ve had to work on, and am still working on.

2. Communication is key.

The importance of time management, knowing when to delegate, and being organized are traits that I live by to keep my clients and team members happy. I can’t do it all, so ensuring I communicate clearly with my team on who’s doing what and when makes sure things run smoothly. I’m committed to both work and family, but my family always comes first. That means sometimes work happens for me later in the evenings, and that’s ok. Support your team with clear direction and communication and they will support you.

3. Take advantage of flexible schedules.

Lucky for me, The Brandon Agency supports working moms and dads and understands the need for those early school pick-ups when a kid is sick. Or needing to attend after school events in support of my family. TBA’s flexible approach to helping people maintain a healthy work-life balance is key. It provides us all with the support and time we need to succeed at our job while being a parent. Have honest conversations with your employer about your own individual needs and you both will benefit in the long run.

4. Embrace new perspectives.

Being a mom has given me a new perspective. Kids show you the magic in everything with their imagination. That creative refresh has been helpful when looking at creative ideas targeting “women with children” (a primary target audience for many of my clients) with this new lens. I know firsthand what moms are looking for when planning trips, shopping (for themselves and for the family) healthcare needs, family budgeting, etc. It truly helps understand the audience when you can “walk the walk” and can also provide the mom perspective to my peers.

My career has made me a better mom and becoming a mother has made me a better co-worker, leader and marketer. I treat my team members like I would want my kids to be treated. I have the confidence I can handle the long to-do lists and still be present for my team members, clients, and kids. A big shout out to all the working moms and dads who juggle the chaos every single day!


Christie DeAntonio

Director of Client Services

An Ohio native, Christie puts her well-honed listening skills and 16 years of advertising-industry experience to work at The Brandon Agency helping clients identify impediments to growth and develop proven strategies for success. Holding a degree in Retail and Consumer Sciences from the University of Arizona and having worked at respected agencies in Los Angeles, San Diego and Charleston before joining TBA in 2014, Christie has helped a diverse array of brands such as Santee Cooper, CresCom Bank, MUSC and Intel meet and exceed their business goals. When not working, she can be found spending time with her husband and two young kids at the beach, cooking, enjoying good wine, and traveling.

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