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4 Ways Telecom Marketers Can Boost Their Internet Business and the Customer Experience

In the telecommunications industry, internet service is an undeniably hot commodity these days. Few modern homes lack an internet connection, and a long list of devices within them — from computers,
smartphones and TVs to security systems, doorbells, appliances and even light bulbs — connect to the internet to give homeowners added capabilities, comfort and control. And as a result, today’s consumers want fast and reliable internet service in their increasingly connected homes.

So, selling internet service and upgrades should be a breeze, right? In many cases, the answer is yes — after all, for many 21st century consumers, internet service is considered a must-have utility and is one of the first things they connect when moving into a new residence. But challenges do still exist for telecom marketers. For example, according to a 2020 study from Cronin, while only 53% of surveyed internet users reported they were totally satisfied with their connection speeds, roughly 55% of respondents were unaware of exactly what their home’s internet speed is.

This lack of consumer awareness may be seen by many as an impediment to sales by some, but glass-half-full telecommunications marketers should view this as an opportunity to boost internet business. Why? Especially in the area of speed upgrades, educating existing customers about the benefits of faster connections and exhibiting to them the differences the faster speeds can make in their daily lives can quickly lead to more sign-ups for higher service levels.

Consider these four ways professional telecom marketers leverage education and demos to boost customer upgrades — and the brand’s bottom line:

1. Educate customers about their current internet speed

A logical first step toward sparking interest in an internet-speed upgrade among existing customers is to make these prospects aware of exactly what their current connection speed is. And often, the simplest and most efficient way to do this is to offer an online, self-serve internet speed test that allows internet users to visit a web page — preferably branded with the logos, colors and other assets of the telecom being promoted — and easily test their upload and download speeds. The speed test itself can be acquired from third-party providers, and Ookla’s Speedtest is among the most widely used. TBA telecommunications client FTC employs this strategy with a branded speed test that it has embedded on its website, and among other efforts it uses to raise internet-speed awareness among its customers, it utilizes social media advertising to encourage customers to test the current internet speed in their homes.

2. Educate customers about their speed needs

Another powerful way to motivate speed upgrades among internet customers is to raise awareness of their internet-speed needs. For most consumers, these needs have been rising steadily in recent years, thanks in large part to the aforementioned increase in connected devices in the typical modern home. If a telecom marketer can help customers understand that their need for additional bandwidth rises as they add more connected devices in their home, it can lead the customer to consider upgrading to a speed that better accommodates their needs. Again providing an example of an effective way to encourage speed upgrades, TBA telecommunications client FTC has equipped its website with an Internet Speed Calculator that allows visitors to enter information about the number and type of connected devices in their home, then estimates the appropriate speed required to adequately support those devices. Further, the tool points the consumer to the FTC plan that best supports their speed needs based on the information provided and the speed recommendation.

3. Offer a trial run

While the tactics outlined above can deliver big strides in a telecom company’s efforts to raise awareness among consumers that they may benefit from an internet speed upgrade, there may be no better way to move the needle toward an actual conversion than to let consumers experience for themselves the difference that a speed boost can make in their daily digital lives. By turning up the connection speed for existing internet customers for a limited time, telecom providers can demonstrate for their customers firsthand how fast their downloads and uploads can be, how buffer-free their television viewing can be, how smoothly their songs can stream, how quickly Siri or Alexa can answer their questions … and the list goes on. After experiencing the many life-changing benefits of faster internet speeds in their homes, consumers will quickly realize that the price difference an upgrade brings is really minimal when considering all the ways the change makes their everyday life go more smoothly.

4. Cross-sell products and services that enhance the internet experience

Of course, beyond faster internet, telecom providers typically offer an array of complementary services that can make life easier and more enjoyable for the modern homeowner — and many of them go hand-in-hand with faster internet speeds. So, while leading customers along the path to an internet speed upgrade, telecom marketers should be sure to promote other offerings that enhance the consumer’s internet experience (and/or life in general), such as mesh Wi-Fi access points, security systems, video doorbells, and any other product or service that can make the customer experience better — and will boost the company’s bottom line in the process.

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