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Top B2B Industry Veterans Talk Lead Generation in Today’s Digital Landscape

The Brandon Agency’s B2B Category Leader, Cary Murphy recently caught up with two other marketing-industry veterans to talk about leads, along with best practices for capturing and cultivating them. Their engaging and informative conversation is summarized below. (Some of the names have been changed, but the people and the content are 100% real.)

Before we dive in, let’s introduce the pundits:
  • “Austin” is a VP of Marketing for an $11 billion global industrial equipment manufacturer and boasts over 20 years in the business.
  • “Rick” is currently a Marketing Director managing a $500 million portfolio of brands. He has over two decades of marketing-industry experience, including time spent with several Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the B2B sector.
  • Cary is a Regional President and B2B category leader at The Brandon Agency. He is closing in on 30 years of marketing experience and has worked with dozens of B2B companies of all sizes and across different industries.

Question: Why are leads important in B2B?

Austin: Our equipment can be expensive and can represent a large capital expense, so as a result, our sales process can be very long. From a marketing standpoint, we always need to be filling the funnel. But to that point, what is a lead? Where are they in the funnel? Have we intercepted them halfway through their journey, or are they just starting to research? Segmentation tools are invaluable to us. Our Sales people are really looking for the bottom-of-the-funnel leads.

Rick: Leads are really the lifeblood of the (sales and marketing) organization. Our marketing efforts are different than in B2C — it’s much more specific in B2B, and our customers digest information differently. Leads matter to marketing because they are often the metric we use to measure success, helping us to better direct our efforts.

Cary: Leads are almost always the goal with our B2B clients. Every business is different, and our approach to increasing leads is never exactly the same — but leads are usually the end game. As Rick says, it’s the KPI that we’re keeping the closest eye on. Beyond that, what we’re really after are high-quality leads, but we’re about to get into that …


Shark Tank Veterans Finding Success With The Brandon Agency in Driving DTC Sales

When it comes to brand exposure, uninterrupted time to pitch a product or business concept on television is as good as it gets – and CNBC’s Shark Tank™ can be a silver bullet for many startups to get noticed. Regardless of whether or not the business owners leave the ‘tank’ with an investor deal, what happens next is critical. For Shark Tank™ contenders, investing in a marketing strategy that channels Shark Tank™ momentum into sustainable sales growth is a smart first step.

The Brandon Agency has recently enjoyed the privilege of supporting such a company in their effort to leverage Shark Tank™ exposure. We engaged with Desiree Haller of SubSafe, maker of the innovative sandwich containers, following their appearance on the show to execute a successful digital marketing campaign that would drive sales. This experience quickly generated an opportunity to support other Shark Tank™ hopefuls when Desiree introduced The Brandon Agency’s team to her brother, Tim Neil – inventor and founder of Boat Gadget and (now, both of which are also startups.


How Real Estate Developers Are Rethinking Community Amenities For Today’s Buyers

For those in real estate development, the business landscape can be a constantly shifting one — with changes largely fueled by ever-evolving consumer preferences. And when it comes to the private community amenities that are most likely to attract modern buyers, what was popular with yesterday’s homebuyer can fairly quickly be seen as dated by the homebuyer of tomorrow. As a result, developers trying to determine the most attractive community amenities package for the homebuyer of the era certainly have their work cut out for them.

Here, we’ll take a look at the current housing market and identify three trends in community amenities that have shifted over the past two decades. Read on to learn how some of the community features that helped sell the neighborhoods of the past have evolved when it comes to creating a stronger sense of community and drawing in the homebuyer of today...


TBA would love to help your brand through this changing and challenging business environment.

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