Media & Digital Strategy Services

Media analysis

Media Research & Analysis

Want to know more about your site’s visitors? We can tell you a lot, by placing custom tracking pixels into your website. The resulting data is paired with your social media fans and followers. Then, we can PRIZM-target data and add it to your current customer profiles. In this way, we help you identify your true current and prospective customers.

Media Planning & Buying

Cookie-cutter plans don’t work. Unlike other agencies, we develop fully customized media plans and buys for each client. With research that’s 100% unique to your situation, you get a tailored media plan to reach your goals. Our plans are deeply rooted in the most efficient, effective means to speak to your customers. We take the same approach to buying. Our targeting and research will guide us as we zero in on your correct target. The result is wise spending with real results.

Media planning
Social media curation

Social media continues to factor deeply into Americans’ lives. Estimates from Pew Research show that 9 of 10 adults under 30 are using social media—and about 8 of 10 aged 30-49. They spend many hours a week on a national average of three social apps. The best media plans find where people are both consuming the most media and are highly engaged with the medium; social media is the epitome of this. We excel in moving consumers through the entire marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion, because we speak to them when and where they’re most engaged. With relevant ads and precise targeting, we help broker a win-win for you and your consumers.

Traditional Media

While digital media continues to capture the time and attention of consumers, traditional media outlets are still highly valuable. Whether it is terrestrial radio, broadcast television, cable, print, or out-of-home, each medium has its place in certain plans, depending on the target. Not all plans should employ traditional media, but no client should count it out. We have seen that a well-placed print ad can deliver just as high a spike in e-commerce sales as a digital ad can. It’s all about timing, placement, and knowing the audience — which is where we come in.

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Market research

Digital Media & Targeting

The rise of the Internet exponentially expanded the media landscape. Media is consumed in a wide range of platforms and devices—providing a mountain of data. We are able to create a more personal dialogue with consumers, as we serve them powerfully relevant information in the very moment they’re looking for it. Our media buyers will show you how to predict future needs based on past history and look-alike audiences. What you know about digital media today can easily change tomorrow; finding a current media expert like us is crucial to continued success.

In targeting your end consumer, don’t leave any tool unused. There is base targeting that we can do demographically, geographically, contextually, behaviorally and via retargeting. But beyond that, we are now able to identify potential consumers before they even realize they’re interested in specific products or services. It’s called harvesting intent, and it’s a process that can quickly open new doors for you.

Retail Media

From Amazon’s paid ads to big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Home Deport to shopping apps like Instacart and more, Brandon crafts plans that drive conversions and traffic at the highest possible levels. Our media team understands the subtleties and proven tactics to get the results you need. We strive to create full funnel plans that capture your target at the right place and the right time on their purchase journey.

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Data analysis

Optimization & Performance Reporting

We have a different view of optimization than others in the digital space. All at the same time, we optimize all of your media. Traditional and digital. We don’t understand the idea of set-it-and-forget-it spending. If a TV or radio buy isn’t driving website sessions, we move the investment to another medium. We’re just as tough on digital or paid social. Continually optimizing means we can quickly discover the “special sauce” that makes your campaign a hit.

Optimizing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. We look at everything daily. We look for larger trends, weekly and monthly. Early on, we work with you to determine KPI goals. We continually meet with you to report results and discuss steps we’re taking to reach your goals. We are totally focused on driving results — real results. While high click-through rates are great, isn’t it better to know whether they’re improving your bottom line? We share the whole purchase and decision process with you; then we make sure to deliver on the goals we’ve set.

Influencer Management

From sourcing the right influencers for your brand and setting strategies and content creative direction to monitoring the results and campaigns, we are a full-service influencer management team with the expertise and experience to drive results. Our team has the right tools to find the right influencers that align to your budget, while also aligning to predetermined KPIs to make sure all parties involved are on the same page.

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Affiliate Strategy

Our affiliate strategy work starts by understanding your customers’ journey. By focusing on your audience first, we ensure we find the most relevant partners that will facilitate the most possible impact for you. We can put together the full package of affiliate strategy and deployment as well as set up brand partnership relationships to ensure your goals and needs are met.