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2015 ANNUAL REPORT Access to affordable and high quality health care is critical to the stability of any community and we are so fortunate to have the Community Care Clinic in Summit County. Their reach is broad serving a wide range of people from individuals and working families to the children in the School Based clinics. Their approach is comprehensive and integrated. The Care Clinic is definitely a key organization in our community and they are always looking ahead and providing strong leadership to collaborate and work together for the greater good of all concerned. Jeanne Bistranin Executive Director The Summit Foundation The mission of the Summit Community Care Clinic is to provide exceptional integrated patient-centered health services designed to meet the needs of all patients particularly those who experience barriers to accessing care regardless of their ability to pay. onepage Dear Friends 2015 was an exciting year for the Summit Community Care Clinic Care Clinic. In May the Federal Health Resource and Services Administration approved our designation as a full Federally Qualified Health Center FQHC. Receiving this designation represented the culmination of a five-year process that involved hundreds of hours of planning community organization and grant writing. The Care Clinic joins 20 other FQHCs in Colorado and more than 1200 across the country in providing exceptional integrated health services to individuals facing numerous barriers to accessing affordable care. Although the FQHC designation adds a layer of administrative requirements it improves the long-term stability of the Care Clinic through a variety of financial incentives such as an annual base grant and improved Medicaid reimbursement. In the past year the Care Clinic experienced a 14 increase in new patients. This represents one of the largest increases in recent history. To meet growing needs the Care Clinic launched two expansion efforts in 2015. First in collaboration with the Lake County School District the Care Clinics fifth School Based Health Center opened in Lake County High School in October. Second through the generous support of Summit County Government the Care Clinic secured additional office space on the third floor of the Medical Office Building to house an expanded dental office. The expansion will open in the fall of 2016 providing increased capacity for both dental and primary care services. Today the Care Clinics mission to provide health care to people experiencing barriers to care is more crucial than ever. Colorados mountain areas including all of the Care Clinics catchment have the highest rates of uninsured in the State and access to Medicaid providers continues to be low. The Care Clinic provides essential health care services to people who would otherwise go without care. All of the growth and innovation the Care Clinic experienced in 2015 would not have been possible without the support of our entire community including many individual donors foundations organizations and businesses. The Care Clinic must fundraise over 4000000 annually. We hope you will continue to support the Care Clinic as it provides exceptional integrated health care services to the residents of Summit County and the surrounding community. Sincerely Pat Kopystianskyj Board President Sarah Vaine M.A. L.P.C. Chief Executive Officer Pat Kopystianskyj Board President Sarah Vaine M.A. L.P.C. Chief Executive Officer LETTER FROM THE BOARD CHAIR CEO twopage Board of Directors Pat Kopystianskyj President Retired Registered Nurse Wilson Strong MD Immediate Past President Retired Surgeon Don Parsons MD Vice President Retired Surgeon Cathy Cheroutes SecretaryInterim Treasurer Attorney Brian Duchinsky Board Member Retired General Manager GE Healthcare Maureen Westerland Board Member Retired Professional Fundraiser Dana Cottrell Board Member Real Estate Broker Tom Marmins Board Member Mediator Marge Gavenda Board Member Retired Banking Professional Margery Langmuir Board Member Retired Health Administrator Robin Robson CPA Board Member Owner First Tracks Property Management Mark Spiers Board Member Retired Pharmacutical Executive Norm Stoller DDS Board Member Retired Dentist Professor Emeritus at CU Rick OBrien MD Board Member Retired CDC Clinical Researcher and Physician Gaston Feuereisen Board Member Voucher Program and Food Bank Coordinator Deb Crook Board Member Retired Director of Summit County Health and Human Services Mitzie Hawkins Advisory Board Member Retired Teacher Marsha Cooper Advisory Board Member Retired School Administrator Karyn Blanco Advisory Board Member OwnerEsthetician A Perfect Touch Braden McMillan Advisory Board Member Banker Annie Prentiss Advisory Board Member Business Owner Trish Shapiro Advisory Board Member Retired Educator Cindy Spaulding Advisory Board Member Business Owner Boatyard American Grill Bill Way Advisory Board Member Business Owner and Author CREATING HEALTHY LIVES THEN NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE Sarah Vaine MA Chief Executive Officer Helen Royal MA Chief Operating Officer Tommy Barnhart FHFMA Chief Financial Officer Dr. Christine Hoppe MD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Young DMD Chief Dental Officer Cassie Comeau PhD Behavioral Health Director Leadership Team Summit Community Care Clinic provides the following services to medically underserved individuals and families in the central Rocky Mountain region Access to Care Primary health care in the form of same day and scheduled appointments Oral health maintenance and treatment Behavioral health services Universal drug and alcohol screenings and substance abuse treatment Prenatal and postnatal care Reproductive health and family planning services Comprehensive immunization services School based health services including primary care behavioral health and oral health services Health Education and Prevention Personalized health coaching Chronic disease management Fitness and nutrition education Community health screening events Community Resources Navigation for follow-up medical services and specialist appointments Referrals to community support services such as emergency housing and food assistance Education on insurance enrollment options Patient Story The School Based Health Center SBHC staff was working on a weight loss goal for a middle school student who was initially obese and at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure. The SBHC behavioral health provider reached out to the student to provide support. Through biweekly therapy regular contact with the parents and occasional check-ins with a health provider the student is now losing weight and has improved self-esteem. The whole family is improving its eating habits by adding vegetables and fruit to every meal and cutting out unhealthy fats and high sugar items. They report getting daily exercise through walking soccer and basketball. The parents are proud of their childs hard work and dedication to weight loss and a healthier life. SBHC Behavioral Health Provider WHAT WE DO threepage fourpage Recent Accomplishments Federally Qualified Health Center In October 2014 the Care Clinic submitted an application to the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration to become a full Federally Qualified Health Center FQHC. For the last three years the Care Clinic has been operating as what is called a FQHC Look Alike. In May of 2015 the Care Clinic was notified that its application to become a full FQHC was approved. There are many benefits to becoming a FQHC including a significant annual base grant and an enhanced reimbursement rate for Medicaid. The service area for the Care Clinic now includes Summit Park Lake Chaffee and part of Grand County. Improved Financial Performance The Care Clinic enjoyed a remarkable turn-around in its financial performance between 2014 and 2015. Although total expenses increased by 900000 income increased by 1400000. The increase was largely due to improved collections on patient services increased grant revenues and generous contributions from the local community. Improving financial performance measures continues to be a short- and long-term goal for Care Clinic leadership. Enhanced Management Structure With increased volume and complexity in clinic operations expanded leadership is a priority. The clinic welcomed Chief Financial Officer Tommy Barnhart in 2014 and promoted Helen Royal to Chief Operating Officer in 2015. These additions to the leadership team have strengthened financial internal controls and clinic operation significantly. The Care Clinic continues to focus on effective management techniques to improve patient care and financial sustainability. fivepage Recent Accomplishments Opening of Lake County School Based Health Center After a year of collaborative planning with Lake County School District the Care Clinic and the District successfully opened a full service School Based Health Center in Lake County High School in October 2015. This clinic offers primary oral and behavioral health care to students and their families. During the fall registration over 75 of Lake County families registered to utilize services at the clinic. Dental Expansion Planning The Care Clinic continues to experience rapid growth in need for oral health services resulting in increased wait times for dental and hygiene appointments. Thanks to the generosity of Summit County Government the Care Clinic is expanding its dental department to the third floor of the Medical Office Building MOB. With the expansion the dental department will have seven dental operatories for patient care and the existing three operatories will be repurposed to primary care exam rooms. A capital campaign is underway to raise the 1000000 needed for the expansion. The project is expected to be complete in the fall of 2016. sixpage Program Highlight Team Based Care in Action What is it How does it work What are the benefits In 2015 the Care Clinic began implementation of a team based model of care. Through the support of The Colorado Health Foundation the Care Clinic established three color-coded medical teams each consisting of a primary health care provider a behavioral health provider a health educator two medical assistants front desk staff and a dental provider as needed. Every patient is assigned to a team to ensure comprehensive integrated health care. Each morning before the Care Clinic opens team members convene to discuss their patient schedule. The team discusses each patients needs and support or treatment that may be needed. For example if follow-up blood work is required a medical assistant will ensure that the blood is drawn prior to the appointment with the primary care provider. Similarly if a patient is working with a health educator to reduce smoking the health educator will report on the status of the specific interventions being used. Each member of the team has the opportunity to provide input about the needs and successes of the patient and a comprehensive treatment plan is designed based on the input of the patient and all members of the team. There are many documented benefits to team based care. First the quality of patient care is greatly enhanced. Since providers see only a fraction of the total clinic patient population they are able to form consistent relationships with their patients and provide a higher level of care. When patients have questions about their care they can contact any member of their assigned team for information. Second because duties are clearly delegated the team model allows each team member to utilize his or her highest skill set. For example a medical assistant might complete a patients intake forms and basic labs allowing the primary care provider to focus on higher level diagnosis and treatment assessment. Lastly patients benefit by receiving integrated care at every visit. They can have their behavioral health or oral health concerns addressed during primary care visits. sevenpage 2015 Accomplishments by the Numbers Patient Visits by Service 2015 Unduplicated Patient Numbers 2006-2015 eightpage Patients by of Federal Poverty Level FPL Patients by Location of Residence Poverty Levels for a Family of Four 100 of FPL and below - less than 24250 101 150 of FPL - 24251-36375 151 200 of FPL - 36376-48500 Over 200 of FPL - more that 48500 Unknown Our Patients 2015 Payer Mix 2013-2016 ninepage Impact of Care Clinic Services on Patient Health Outcomes The Care Clinic monitors a total of 16 Clinical Quality Measures as required by Federal Health Center guidelines and as part of the facilitys overall Quality Assurance program. Provided below are examples of clinical measures where the Care Clinic exceeds national benchmarks and a brief description of what the Care Clinic is doing to address the measure. Also included is one measure that is not a federal requirement but Care Clinic staff believe is important to track. Depression Screening Percent of patients aged 12 or older screened for clinical depression using an age appropriate standardized tool and a follow-up plan documented. At the Care Clinic it is standard practice to screen all patients age 12 and older for depression at each medical visit with the Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-2 tool. If a patient screens positive on the PHQ-2 he or she is given the PHQ-13 survey and referred to either a Health Educator or a Behavioral Health specialist for intervention. The Care Clinics target is that 90 of patients 12 and older are screened and provided with follow up care. The Care Clinic is currently exceeding its target as well as state and national averages. Cervical Cancer Screening Percent of females aged 21-64 who received one or more PAP tests to screen for cervical cancer. The Care Clinic understands that a significant factor affecting overall womens health is the frequency of routine screening for cervical cancer. In 2015 Care Clinic staff expanded outreach efforts to patients who were due or overdue for cervical cancer screening. In 2016 additional patient outreach strategies are being implemented to ensure that the Care Clinic target of 90 of relevant patients receive cervical cancer screening is achieved. Prevention of Diabetes in Pre-diabetes patients Percent of patients with pre-diabetes who do not develop Type II diabetes. One of the Care Clinic s ongoing priorities is improving the health outcomes of patients with Type I or II diabetes through continu- ous monitoring and support. In 2015 the Care Clinic established a measure to track the prevention of Type II diabetes in patients with blood glucose levels that might place them at greater risk for developing a diabetic condition. Care Clinic health educators are notified once a patient is diagnosed as pre-diabetic and then provide education and counseling to establish healthy lifestyle habits. To date the Care Clinic has met all of its monthly targets of preventing the onset of diabetes in 90 of pre-diabetes patients. tenpage Statement of activities for the years ending July 1 2014 to June 30 2015 2015 2014 ASSETS Operating cash and investments 180486 10610 Patient accounts receivable 131004 200311 Other current assets 180486 145158 Equipment and other assets 129424 104137 Endowment fund 679508 661253 Total assets 1724746 1121469 LIABILITIES Current liabilities 459277 431085 NET ASSETS 1265469 690384 Total liabilities and net assets 1724746 1121469 STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEARS ENDED JUNE 30 2015 and 2014 REVENUES Contributions and grants 3553207 2537039 Patient services 1923059 1047795 Contributed services and property 378094 195800 Investment income 8672 83301 Other income 119743 208305 5982775 4072240 EXPENSES Salaries and benefits 6604015 3051417 Contributed services and property 378094 195800 Contract services 360851 234782 Program supplies 629915 342846 Depreciation 42272 70927 Other expenses 472052 691191 5487199 4586963 Change in net assets 495576 514723 FINANCIALS - Balance Sheet Fiscal Year 2015 Compared to Fiscal Year 2014 elevenpage FINANCIALS - Income and Expenses ONGOING NEEDS The Care Clinic is committed to providing high quality care to all residents of Summit and the surrounding counties regardless of insurance or income status. Due in large part to unusually high insurance costs in western Colorado and the resort areas preponderance of seasonal and service sector jobs approximately 14 of Summit County residents and 62 of Care Clinic patients continue to lack either public or private health insurance. The Care Clinic must rely on private donations and grants for 60 of its expenses. Your contributions are essential to helping the Care Clinic continue its mission of providing high quality patient centered care. Income Expenses Ways to Support the Care Clinic Donations Cash check credit card or stock contributions can all be made to the Care Clinic throughout the year toward general operating funds or a designated Endowment fund. Planned Gifts Bequests through wills or trusts life insurance or real estate allow future and extended support to the Care Clinic. Soup for the Soul Bread for the Clinic Join the Care Clinic every March to raise funds at the annual fundraiser by sponsoring volunteering donating or attending the event. To learn more about ways to support the Care Clinic visit our website or call Jordan Schultz at 970-423-8839 SUPPORTING THE SUMMIT COMMUNITY CARE CLINIC twelvepage DONATE NOW THE TRUE COST OF CARE 787- average cost for an entire year of comprehensive care for a patient 472 - average cost the Care Clinic must fundraise to ensure continued access to care Comprehensive care includes medical dental and behavioral health services thirteenpage Major Partners How can anyone not support the Summit Community Care Clinic SCCC is Summit Countys most comprehensive version of universal health with full dental services regardless of the patients ability to pay. And the medical team is outstanding When I give to SCCC I have a smile on my face all day so I too utilize their services without even going to the clinic. Paul Finkel Enthusiastic supporter of SCCC Arapahoe Basin All Smiles Dental Alpine Bank Avalanche Physical Therapy Axis Physical Therapy Boatyard American Grill Breckenridge Grand Vacations Breck Rally for the Cure Caring for Colorado Foundation Colorado Association of School Based Health Centers Colorado Coalition for Medically Underserved Colorado Community Health Network Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Colorado Rural Health Network Delta Dental Early Childhood Options Ebert Childrens Clinic F Cubed Foundation Family Intercultural Resource Center FirstBank Freeport McMoRan - Climax Molybdenum Grand County Public Health Health Resources Services Administration Lake County School District Mind Springs Health Neils Lunceford Park County School District Peak One Pain and Spine Peak One Surgery Center Rocky Mountain Rural Health St. Anthonys Summit Medical Center Summit County Government Summit County Head Start Summit County Public Health Summit County Rotary Summit Dental Alliance Summit School District Swan Mountain Womens Center The Brandon Agency The Colorado Health Foundation The Summit Foundation Town of Breckenridge Town of Dillon Town of Frisco Town of Silverthorne Turner Morris Inc. Vail Resorts Epic Promise Vail Summit Orthopedics fourteenpage 2015 HonorMemorial Gifts to Summit Community Care Clinic In Memory of Joann Behrens Patricia Waring In Memory of Jane Bergman The Keystone Womens Book Club Jane Berscherer Sandy Chisholm Joyce Clary Linda Clem Jean Fitzgerald Annette Fricke Mitzie Hawkins Katy Hirt Jana Hlavaty Peg Henry Rebecca Johnson Kikken Miller Ann Pena Linda St. John Sherry Strong Meredith Van Dyne In Memory of Dale Brown Marge Gavenda In Memory of Christy High Joel High In Memory of Dick Masica Joanne Masica In Memory of Bette Waring Patricia Waring In Honor of Bruce and Lucy Coles Jan Coles In Honor of Joan Hutchinson Barry and Maureen Westerland Summit Community Care Clinic 2015 Donors January 1st 2015-December 31st 2015 Anonymous 23 Kerry and Andi Adams Robin Albert Arthur Albin Gail and Jane Allaman Josh Blanchard and Chris Alleman DJ and Sara Almond Frank Puett and Cassandra Anton Corina Aragon Leah Arnold Dave and Bonnie Askeland John Asthalter and Margarita Wong David and Charlene Bailey Chris and Dawn Banas Penny Banks Tommy Barnhart Henry and Sioux Barr Dick and Linda Bateman Carl and Yoli Bauer Richard and Cathy Becker Richard Behrens Ed and Jane Bescherer Jeff and Lisa Binder Jeanne Bistranin Dave and Jan Bittner Karyn Blanco Bernie and Judy Bottomly Wilson and Pam Bourg Matt and Leigh Bowe Margaret Bowes Bruce Fitch and Gini Bradley Walter and Mary Jane Briney Wayne and Mollie Brunetti Bill and Sandi Bruns Warren Buettner John and Kerry Buhler Gary Wilkinson and Joyce Burford Arthur and Marilyn Burger Jessica Burley Pete and Dee Dee Byers Nick Smith and Pat Campbell Judith Campbell Dick and Cathy Carleton Howard and Sue Carver Stephen and Beth Carveth Tim and Patti Casey Ed and Alison Casias Steve and Melissa Chapman Kenneth Chernoff Mark Hulbert and Cathy Cheroutes Don and Sandy Chisholm Paul and Diane Chodkowski Les and Carol Clarke Scott and Jennifer Cleary Mike and Linda Clem Lee Cohen Jan Coles Catherine Collins Brian Dillon and Cassie Comeau Thomas Schorr and Nancy Cook Cary and Marsha Cooper Craig McNeill and Joyce Copeland Steve and Kathy Cornellier Robert and Dana Cottrell Jason and Kacy Cowie Marc and Linda Crawford Larry and Janet Crispell Turk Montepare and Deb Crook Thomas Davidson Blake and Toni Davis Michael Babnik and Vera Dawson Don and Diana Dettmering Don and Maggie Dew Harold Dobbs Nick and Linda Doran Jim Kohn and Brian Duchinsky Kristy Dudley 2015 HonorMemorial Gifts Donors The Care Clinic greatly appreciates the individuals and organizations that contribute funds and services. fifteenpage Archie and Linda Dunham Peter and Alicia Dunn Jerry and Laura Dziedzic John and Linda Ebright Bill and Karol Efting Sam and Gala Eppstein Suzett Estell Tim Estes Matt and Lori Falce Marilyn Fenner Richard and Martina Ferris Katie Fidrych Paul Finkel John and Jean Fitzgerald Anthony and Barbara Flitcraft Bob and Nancy Follett Mark and Britt Fossett Jules Rosen and Debra Fox Maria Fox Gary and Janet Freese Gerry and Annette Fricke Tim and Ann Gagen Joe Gajewski Gary and Ruth Gallagher Lisa Gamber Harold and Catherine Gant Maryann Gaug Jerry and Marge Gavenda Ron and Mary Lou Geist Egon Gerson Phil and Barbara Gibbs Ron and Marybeth Gilligan Linda Ginsberg Jennifer Gonzales Robert and Ellen Gordman Bill and Marianna Goslau Arch Gothard Chuck and Dyann Gray Suzanne Greene Rick and Susie Grossman Jim and Kathleen Grotemeyer Alexander Gunow Jon and Judy Gunson Bonnie Guthrie Robin Hadley Richard and Linda Hague Jim and Jeannie Hammond Rich Holdman and Millie Hamner John and Sue Hasegawa Lex and Mitzie Hawkins Alan and Kay Henceroth Paul and Mary Henrikson Lee and Peg Henry Joel High Steve and Cathie Hill Garry Post and Robert Hill Keith and Peggy Hiller Chuck and Katy Hirt Gene Osman and Jana Hlavaty David Hodgson Becky Hopkins Pat and Chris Hoppe Alan Dulit and Christina Holbrook Jeff Bergeron and Ellen Hollinshead Jim Hoskinson Joan Houlton Janet Humphrey Felice Huntley Peter and Patti Janes Janie James James and Karen Johns John Rynes and Mary Lou Johns Brent and Terri Johnson Warren and Rebecca Johnson Margaret Johnson DJ and Julie Jones Peter and Stacy Joyce Bob and Marj Julian Michael and Hoda Kardoush Mary Karuzas Bobby and Stephanie Kato Jerry Kelly Gaston Fueureisen and April Kemp Jon Kirkpatrick Stephan Horlak and Polly Koch Elmer and Doris Koneman Phil and Janelle Kopp Pat Kopystianskyj George and Peggy Kornriech Glen and Georgia Kraatz Dennis Kruger and Lyn Manton Kruger Kenyon and Karen Kugler Dave and Paula Kummer Charles and Carolyn Lamar Donald and Margery Langmuir Kate Lapides Elisabeth Lawrence Ted and Jean Lawson Darryl and Molly Lee Dianne Leeb James Leibold Leon and Denise Levy Larry Lewarton Andy and Sally Lewis Mark Litzsinger Sally Liu Larry and Kathy Lunceford Stephen and Rachel Lunney Time and Janice Lytle Robert and Susan Magrino Tom and Erin Major Eric and Sarah Mamula Tom and Darlena Marmins Gary and Phyllis Martinez Joanne Masica Charles McCormick Dan and Roberta McCrerey Chuck and Kathryn McDermott Jeff and Monica McElyea David Karoly and Erin McGinnis Sarah McNeill Patrica McNerny Maura McQuillen Jon Miles and Jennifer Pratt Miles Gary and Kikken Miller Richard and Carolyn Miller Jeanne Morledge Tim and Sally Morris Daniel Morris Lou Wagner and Sandra Mortensen James and Irene Moyer Kristen Mueller sixteenpage Margaret Murray Hans and Peggy Neville Karen Nielsen Peter and Susana November Kari Novotny Joe and Fran OMalley Jack and Pam ONeil Jim and Tina Oberheide Ken and Barbara Olendski CJ and Chris Ornes Scott and Katharine Orr Anita Overmyer Bill and Debbie Pain Roger and Sue Paluska Don Parsons Nick and Barbara Payne Robert and Ann Pena Tony and Kelly Pestello Jennifer Phillips Charles and Debra Pitman Rick ONeil and Rose Pray David and Susan Preaus Don Dankner and Susan Propper Mark and Sarah Provino Bradd and Kasey Provorse Bill and Cindy Putnam Dave Raymond and Marilyn Repsher Kyle and Erin Richardson Todd and Susan Robertson Steve Gessner and Robin Robson Gary and Sue Rodgers Jules Rosen and Debra Fox Terry and Debra Ruckriegle Jeff and Pam Rush Chris Rybak Adam Savage Lawrence and Judith Sawyer Bill and Jennifer Schenk Marc and Joelle Schlesinger Paul and Sara Schnabel Barbara Schneeman John and Kathleen Schnobrich William Schultz Allan and Marcia Schutt Andy Searls Beth Seeley Richard and Pat Shaffer Steve and Trish Shapiro James and Rosanne Shaw David and Marty Sheets Doug and Nancy Sims Barry and Laurie Skolnick Curtis Slack Milton Slepkow Mike and Margaret Smith Wellesley and Fran Smith Steve and Sandra Smith Tony and Cathi Snyder Mara Sobeck Wayne and Cindy Spaulding Mark and Deb Spiers Pat Spitzmiller John and Linda St. John Pat and Paula Stanton Brad and Kristen Stewart Norm and Renee Stoller Kevin and Janice Stout Barbara Strauss Wilson and Sherry Strong Marilyn Sullivan Steve and Kathleen Swanson Cheryl Tatro Peter and Francine Taylor John and Patricia Taylor Patrick and Michelle Tekampe Eileen Terens Joey Terriquez Robin and Patty Theobald Jack and Pat Thomas Mark and Kathi Thomson Del Bush and Emily Tracy Don and Meredith Van Dyne Allison Van Straten Dot Vanderbeck Forrest and Melissa Van Gundy Scott and Jody Vargo John Vincze Greg and Marcela Vos Huip and Francine Vriesendorp Bill Wallace Kurt Gabrielson and Ned Walley Doug Knisley and Gerri Walsh Lori Walter Stace Tackaberry and June Walters Bonnie Ward Patricia Waring John and Carre Warner Bill Way David and Elisabeth Webb Jeff and Sharon Weeden Anita Weise Juhree Wendl Steve and Karen West Barry and Maureen Westerland Don and Karen White John Wilhelms Anne Wilson Louis and Audrey Wilson Michael and Leslie Winn Cap and Suzy Witzler James Borgel and Cythnia Wolf Barbara Wolitzky Joe and Linda Woodford Steve and Gaye Wormington Hans and Mary June Wurster Joe and Joyce Yob Arnie and Syd Yuen Jeff and Deb Zimmerman The Care Clinic does its best to acknowledge every donor and every gift but recognizes that errors or omissions may occur. Please contact Jordan Schultz directly at 970.423.8839 if you identify any missing information. seventeenpage Alicia Breslin RN Walter Briney MD Janet Bowers Alison Chick Lee Cohen MD Bob French Lorraine Gill John Gottlieb MD Anne Hunt Peter Janes MD Dianne Leeb MD Jennifer Phillips PA Beverly Putnam Martha Reyes Michael Savage DDS Marisa Soltis Mel Stjernholm MD Francine Vriesendorp MD Care Clinic Volunteers 2015 The following list represents volunteers who give tirelessly to the Care Clinic in numerous ways. Thank you for your passion energy and commitment to patients and the Care Clinic as whole. We are so lucky to have the Care Clinic in Summit County. For working families having this life line can literally be the only thing between poverty and stability. Despite all of the challenges in our community with the affordability and accessibility of health insurance the Care Clinic has constantly been there to meet urgent health needs of Summit Countys working families. Tamara Drangstveit MNM Executive Director Family and Intercultural Resource Center The Summit Community Care Clinic is located on the first floor of the Medical Office Building. 360 Peak One Blvd. Suite 100 Frisco Colorado 80443 970.668.4040 Design production The Brandon Agency Breckenridge Colorado Photography by Meredith Holt