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The Brandon Agency Teams Up With Global Contact Services, Staffing Management and Consulting Experts

The Brandon Agency is excited to announce the recent partnership with Global Contact Services (GCS)—contact center management and staffing experts. The agency will provide website redesign, email marketing support, social media management and paid media campaigns.

Founded in 2001, Global Contact Services delivers world-class results with a relentless focus on customer service for clients in the business-to-customer, business-to-business and business-to-government sectors. GCS integrates subject matter expertise, customer behavior patterns, top-notch hiring and resource management with company best practices, turnaround times and revenue expectations. Process and performance driven, they simplify and execute operations flawlessly based on proprietary training and feedback programs.

The company operates with a unique approach to every client and every customer service interaction. As ambassadors to their clients, GCS promotes a disciplined, yet positive environment so that each interaction, regardless of the touch-point, leaves a beneficial and lasting impression on any organization.

The Brandon Agency will increase the company’s overall footprint and new business opportunities with custom, digitally focused marketing solutions that harnesses the company’s already astounding brand reputation.

“GCS has a long history of success as experts in customer service and call center management, and we are excited to offer our expertise in order to enhance their overall business,” said Scott Brandon, CEO of The Brandon Agency. “We will put our digital targeting tools to work in order to help them better target prospects and eliminate wasting dollars, which will greatly improve their results.”