TBA lobby

The Brandon Agency Revs Up Collaboration and Fun with Contemporary Office Redesign

Since Scott Brandon took the helm of The Brandon Agency he’s had one goal – to build a hip, fun, collaborative agency that delivers measurable results for its clients.

Now, with the completion of a contemporary renovation to the iconic headquarters on Highway 17, and as the most-awarded agency in the region, the agency is well on its way to establishing itself as a national presence.

While the exterior of the 20-year-old beauty looks the same, once you step through the doors you can see and feel the difference. The complete interior renovation features sleek, modern designs in an open workspace environment to enhance creativity, inspiration, and collaboration.

“I truly believe that creativity comes from within,” said Scott Brandon, chief executive officer at The Brandon Agency. “With our cool new space, we’ve given our team the space that matches their talents – a place with energy that brings out the best in people.”

The workspace includes more than ten common areas, state-of-the-art technology and an open concept floor plan that encourages discussion and group ideation. Filled with a mixture of natural and LED lighting the space is a dynamic working environment oozing imagination.

“The team is revved up with energy and excited to come to work every day,” said Pat Harris, creative director at The Brandon agency. “The bright colors, quiet corners, and community think tanks are already getting our creative juices flowing.”

Georgetown, S.C.-based industrial and commercial construction firm, Coastal Structures Corporation completed the renovation. The company offers a full range of commercial construction services and delivery methods. Working hand-in-hand with Coastal Structures, E3 Studios, a Myrtle Beach based-design firm providing interior architecture and graphic design services, provided a stylistic overhaul of the agency’s interior space.

The Brandon team, as well as its sister agency Fuel, the leaders in simple and effective digital travel marketing, moved back in on Jan. 20, 2015.