20 Prospering Companies in the Pandemic

The Brandon Agency Named Among Top 20 Prospering Companies In The Pandemic

The Brandon Agency has been selected as one of The Top 20 Prospering Companies In The Pandemic by Mirror Review, a publication focused on depicting the achievements of companies and entrepreneurs while also shedding light on their innovations. Award recipients were selected for their ability to adapt their organizations to the COVID-19 pandemic, and succeed despite vast challenges.

TBA is an integrated marketing and communications agency that has uniquely joined together brands, consumers, technology and data during today’s rapidly changing world. As one of the largest independent agencies in the Southeast with more than 60 years in the industry, The Brandon Agency has grown over the years, boosting core competencies and adding services such as web development, public relations and SEO.

At the start of 2020 the agency’s theme was “Level Up,” a push to elevate agency skill sets to a higher level – one that would attract larger clients. This concept has helped the agency navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to quickly adapt to the needs of the industry, and steer clients to growth and success during very unstable times.

With the isolation of the pandemic highlighting the growing need for direct-to-consumer strategy, the agency amplified the talent on their SEO, analytics, and paid media teams. TBA also developed a specialized Amazon marketing team within the agency to help increase sales for clients. They have also continuously worked to hone knowledge and skills to assist clients in better utilizing CRM tools.

The Brandon Agency has taken the opportunity to look beyond the limitations placed on face to face new business meetings during the pandemic. The company strengthened its inbound marketing activities to ensure easy discoverability by those looking for help. Thanks to their efforts, TBA gained more new clients in the past year than in agency history, allowing them to avoid employee layoffs, pay restrictions and furloughs.

Scott Brandon, CEO of The Brandon Agency, says that honesty, empathy, communication and transparency with the team have been keys to the agency surviving turbulent times.

“Team members want to know what’s happening and how we’re doing. They also want to know that their leaders care for them as people, not just employees,” Brandon said. “I am proud of our team’s success over the past year. We were able to be nimble and adaptive during the pandemic, and it has allowed us to turn what may have been disadvantages into great opportunities.”