We’re Farm and Agriculture Marketing Experts.

The farm and agriculture industries are not only open to digital transformation, but are also primed for it. We’ve learned just how sophisticated the verticals are, and that knowledge benefits us both.

Research and experience fuel the growth we’re able to achieve in any industry. We use the same tools to communicate through multiple channels as we do in other spaces. This is an intriguing category for Brandon to explore and discover. The farm and agricultural industries operate on a consistent rhythm, marked with protocols and checklists season to season that aren’t often presented in the way an agency like ours can do.

Many of us grew up surrounded by agriculture, and we feel that connection. We seek to bring that industry into the modern era and introduce it to the technical aspects of marketing.

This collaboration results in a fun and interesting product. It’s about connecting all those dots, bringing them together to represent our partners in the truest light. How? By understanding the consumer, by doing our homework. All services come from one house, which is key to a consistent, effective message. Brandon brings a wealth of experience in these. Let us usher you into the greatest digital space to meet your needs. Call us today.

Our Agriculture Marketing Experience

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Scott Brandon


CEO, Farm and Agriculture Category Expert

Scott leads the Farm and Agriculture Specialty team, which focuses on creating relevant and differentiated messaging in order to better position entities for prosperous growth.

He serves clients on a wide-range of topics including brand strategy (he is a Certified Brand Strategist) and messaging development, market and consumer research, idea development, and implementation as well as close monitoring through execution to ensure that strategy is maintained through every touchpoint.

Scott’s leadership is demonstrated through his work with both Farm and Agricultural products, the retail channels through which they are sold as well as several service-based organizations focused on residential and commercial consumers. His work continues to play a vital role in making sure consumers are armed with the information they need in order to make their product/project beautiful, efficient and productive.

When he is not working, you will find Scott in active pursuit of the outdoors or spending time with his family.

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