We’re Energy Marketing Experts.

The world today is extremely dependent on Energy, more so than ever before now that the majority of what we do at home and at work is reliant on power.

The opportunities and focus for Energy and Utilities companies have moved far beyond where it was a decade ago with advancements in solar power, green power, smart thermostats and electric cars. Consumers continually are looking for energy solutions to reduce their spend and increase their quality of life and for those around them.

At The Brandon Agency, we have been helping Utilities, Co-ops and Energy firms with their marketing efforts for over 20 years.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges both independent and government agencies have with changing environmental policies and consumer needs for residential, industrial and commercial power. The Brandon Agency advances our clients with deep-rooted research founded in personas to create new products, perform strategic reputation management, drive economic development and develop user-friendly technical solutions for the end customer.

​We understand the challenges you face every day and are focused on delivering results that exceed your goals.

Our fully integrated team will create a clear and concise communications and marketing plan leveraging modern digital tools to meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in program development, economic development, customer relations support, or crisis management, you need to talk to the experts at The Brandon Agency. Contact us today.

Our Energy Marketing Experience

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Shelby Greene

VP/Media Director, Energy Category Expert

Shelby is the VP/Media Director at The Brandon Agency and currently leads the Energy Marketing Specialty Team driving results in this changing world of environmental concerns and digital marketing.

She has a great depth of knowledge of all the facets of generation and distribution. Working with utilities, cooperatives and economic development organizations, she creates positive results for her clients through her digital strategy, implementation and optimization, and research and marketing programs that drive increased awareness, preference and conversion across all channels: owned, earned and paid.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll most likely find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband at the beach, kayaking on a creek or enjoying live music at a local brewery. Shelby also serves on the Board of Operation Home, a local non-profit that provides critical home repairs to households with children, the disabled and seniors.

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