Yes! Yes! Yes!

This year has been a major one for not only Facebook users, but also for brands that utilize the platform to help expand their messaging through social media.

And the most tantalizing, and liberating, for brands is the ability for promotions and contests to be allowed on their Facebook timelines.

That’s right!

Page admins no longer have to use apps to create and host promotions, making the major feature of the platform in recent years much less important.

Some people got a little freaked out, but we here at The Brandon Agency are totally down with the change.

With it, we have more freedom to test different promotions in a much quicker, efficient way. We can also change on the fly without relying on third-party providers. But most liberating is the fact this way is more convenient for fans of the brands we manage (and others throughout the platform).

It’s not to say the use of apps and providers to engineer promotions will become obsolete, as they’ll still be vital when working a BIG, multi-platform, multi-function promotion.

And, if you’re being fussy about it, let’s remember this one fact. Facebook isn’t owned by us, the users(no matter what Zuckerberg and his minions say). We are, in essence, squatting (or paying rent, if you will) to have a presence on Facebook and that Mark is the super.

How do you feel about this, or other, change(s) Facebook has implemented in the first nine months of 2013? Let us know by dropping a line in the area below.