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Winning Consumers Business in a Competitive World

What do website developers, account managers and internet vendors all have in common? They are all competing for consumers’ business. Every modification these professionals make to their web content, social media and advertisements is geared toward gaining consumer loyalty. In reality, all marketers’ want is to better understand their customer so they can continue to win their business.

In order to better understand your customer, let’s think about the essentials every current consumer is looking for in an online retailer or market. Tedd Rodman at Mobile Zone believes that the majority of consumers want a personalized experience, instant satisfaction and, above anything, privacy. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “We make constant changes to our online content to fit these needs … why do they always want more?”

With advances in security and personalization, customers are now able to block your online changes if they think it might disclose personal information or cause unwarranted damage to their electronic devices. This becomes a major pushback against “common tracking mechanisms” that many retailers and companies use in order to better understand their clientele.

In order to achieve all three of the previously listed essentials, you must incorporate consolidation into your content upgrades – meaning think smarter, not harder. According to Rodman, consolidation makes it easier to be less ambiguous with the consumer, therefore making it easier to improve performance and desired consumer outcomes.

Covering these necessities not only helps with performance but also brings in the vital mobile component that most every consumer currently expects. With mobile devices being attached to the consumer’s hip now more than ever, the mobile web is becoming the preferred form of web browsing. Although this preference is common, Rodman states that it can cause companies multiple performance-related issues if consolidation of tracking tools isn’t incorporated in the process of making content mobile-friendly.

“Marketing specialists and MarTech practitioners taking over the role of personalization from a technology perspective see the need to get past the situation where multiple sources and tools are being used for tracking and fingerprinting,” Rodman said.

Luckily, technology advances are constantly providing features that allow site owners and web content designers to transform their online format into a mobile accessible site. “Site owners do not have to compromise performance to add more functionality and are better able to customize their personalization features to accomplish their customer experience goals,” Rodman said.

Ultimately, establishing what the source of positive consumer engagement is for your specific market audience will prepare your company to implement the right changes when it comes to connecting with your consumer.

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