What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a Web page that supports user-generated content by allowing all site visitors the opportunity to add, delete or revise information on the site. The most well known example of a wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that was entirely comprised of Internet users like you and me adding information to the site.

Wikis are a very powerful marketing tool. They are extremely user-friendly, both on the front- and back-ends; and they are quite affordable. Internet users enjoy knowing they have the power to control a site’s content – hence the success of MySpace and FaceBook.

How can a wiki work for you? Let’s say you own a home repair store. Your Web site is a valuable tool for you but you want to take it one step further – so you develop a home repair wiki. You send an eblast out to your database (you sort of need a database at the beginning for this to work – so start building an email database) alerting them to the fact that you have developed this home repair wiki and ask them to visit the wiki to help populate the site. They visit the site and post information on home repair tips and advice. With a little marketing, your wiki becomes the Wikipedia of home repair and soon do-it-yourself novices from around the country are checking out your wiki for advice. An instant marketing success story.