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What Is A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

Regardless of the economic climate, investing in marketing efforts is a proven tactic for improving a company or brand’s bottom line. However, when faced with a potential recession or another economic downturn, one of the initial cuts made is often to the brand’s marketing efforts. According to the Harvard Business Review, this is a huge mistake.

If you’re asking yourself why, here’s the short, yet definitive answer.

During unsure economic times, a full-service digital marketing agency can work to support your brand, drive sales and assist in your efforts to decipher consumer behavior.

Brandon has a team of experts working across the full range of offerings to create a road map to a successful plan and implementation.

Specialties Of A Full-Service Marketing Agency

  • Website and App Development
  • Paid Social Media
  • Influencer Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Media Research & Analysis
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Traditional Media
  • Digital Media & Targeting
  • eCommerce
  • Email & CRM
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Research 
  • Public Relations
  • And more

Full-Service or Niche Agency

When the internet was first becoming mainstream, it was enough for a company just to have a web presence. Today, having an online presence is essential for nearly all facets of most companies. For clarity’s sake, let’s define niche. Niche in regards to business is a specialized segment of a particular market. For example, a firm that only handles SEO would be considered a niche agency as it handles one facet of a broader industry. 

So, what are the benefits of each?


  • If your company is seeking assistance with just one aspect of your marketing strategy, then perhaps a niche market is the better route.
  • In regards to collecting data, a niche agency will be able to provide specific information around one category.
  • Agencies that work in a niche market are experts in one particular area. 


  • If your marketing strategy requires multiple specialties, a full-service agency can accomplish all of it while tying all of the loose ends back together.
  • Like the name implies, a full-service agency would be able to collect data across all areas and build cohesion.
  • Full-service digital marketing agencies are made up of departments of experts across every aspect of the marketing agenda.
  • A full-service agency can likely handle every niche. However, a niche agency is limited to the scope of that one particular area. 

Here are examples of how Brandon, a full-service digital marketing agency, helped two companies surpass their goals.

Fish Hippie is a lifestyle apparel brand. During COVID, Fish Hippie enlisted the help of Brandon to help the company create a direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing strategy that allowed it to not only survive an economic downturn but to thrive during the global anomaly. Utilizing quality content, new website assets, and a unique CRM (customer relationship management) strategy and anchored with a strategic marketing plan, Brandon was able to help Fish Hippie grow its ecomm business during this limited recession brought on by a pandemic. For more information or to see some of the work we did for Fish Hippie, click HERE.

One of the top CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands in the country, Idahoan enlisted Brandon to handle a multitude of projects. Our agency utilized our own in-house video and photography team to produce and conduct monthly product shoots along with bi-monthly lifestyle shoots for its advertising, website and social media channels. Additionally, Brandon handles all work for the brand’s social channels. For more information or to see some of the work we did for Idahoan, click HERE.

Fish Hippie and Idahoan are just two examples of how utilizing a full-service agency can accelerate your efforts by collectively engaging a team of experts working across an array of disciplines to achieve a goal.

From planning to implementing, a full-service marketing agency is adept at helping to create effective campaigns while being able to analyze the success and progress of each. 

From telecommunications to financial to outdoors and everything in between, Brandon has successfully worked with clients across a broad range of industries. 

Since 1959, Brandon has been helping companies weather economic downturns by remaining focused on marketing agendas. Since our founding, we have endured multiple recessions including the Great Recession from 2007-2009. If we’re able to assist companies during trying times, imagine what we can do for your brand during normal economic periods.

Whether you’re a startup or a heritage brand, leveraging an outside digital marketing agency can place fresh eyes and new ideas into your existing marketing plan. 

Is your company currently seeking the expertise of a full-service digital marketing agency? If so, we would love the opportunity to understand your goals so that we can propose a plan to help you achieve those. As a fully integrated marketing firm, Brandon can cover these bases — and lots more — for your brand. As one of only 24 certified brand strategy consultancies in the nation, we are experts in creating and implementing successful strategies. Reach out to our team of marketing professionals today to see how we can help your brand with its digital marketing, SEO, public relations and more.