Web Site Design Tip 4 – Site Design

In the old days, when beginning a site design, we would sit around with our clients and brainstorm ideas about how the site should function and look. We would assume to a large degree that we knew enough about our client’s business to be able to predict what the customer would want out of the site. Today, we can no longer assume that we know these answers. With recent advancements in technology, it is easy and inexpensive to really know what your customer wants. In order to improve your site, you must know what users like and dislike about your site. Some tips to do this effectively are:

– Set up monthly polls on your site asking your users what they like and dislike about your site and then use that information to make your site better
– Also make sure that there is an easy way for your visitors to be able to contact you and give you their suggestions
– Feedback from your users is one of the most helpful things you can use to improve your site

Recently, we began to test site design ideas by having site visitors go into test sites and give us feedback on design and functionality. This way, we know what site visitors like and don’t like about certain designs and we can make changes before the site is launched, not after.