TV Still King of All Media

In my last entry, I focused on the television ad revenue model and how I thought it would remain in tact for some time. In doing some more research, I came across some data to further support the fact that TV is still the best medium to use when you want reach and influence.

The Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) recently released a Media Comparison Study that was conducted by Knowledge Networks that that shows how television is still the King of All Media in many important ways. (source: )

1. Television reaches more people than any other medium:

Media stats

2. People spend more time with television than with any other medium:

Media stats

3. The source that people are most likely to use to learn about your product is television:

Media stats

4. Television is the most influential source in making a purchase decision:

Media stats

Other interesting information from the study indicates that consumers are enhancing their television experience by adding HD and Internet capability. Television is also the leading source of product inquiry on the Internet with 51 percent of adults saying that a TV ad prompted them to go online for more information. A very interesting finding is that broadcast news is still the primary source for news among adults.

Media device stats

This is particularly interesting in light of the instant nature of Internet and its ability to distribute the news 24/7/365. One of the reasons I believe that this is the case is because people would still rather “watch” than read and they can watch/listen to the news while doing other things such as cook dinner, clean the kitchen, etc. I think that the overall trend will be for the Internet to slowly overtake television over time.

As quickly as the Internet was able to crush the traditional print business model, it has not had the same impact on television. If anything, the two mediums seem to work together better together than apart. If you want to create interest in your product and influence purchase decisions, then television is by far King of all Media!

Scott Brandon

Scott Brandon

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