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Top 7 Travel Trends for 2015

With 2015 finally here, many of us are already anticipating the year’s vacation plans and referencing upcoming travel trends can be a great help when booking in advance. Travel trends are not only valuable to consumers, but provide valuable insight to marketing professionals that help us keep clients up to date in all aspects of the travel industry from new hotel perks to improvements in advanced booking.

As our marketing agency creates client plans and strategies for the upcoming year, I wanted to give you a taste of the travel trends we’re seeing and planning for:

1. More Travel Expected with Increased Customization

When it comes to 2015 travel trends, there really is only good news for consumers and the travel industry. The improving U.S. economy has had an increasingly positive affect on domestic travelers and, according to the U.S. Travel Association, the number of travelers will continue to rise with about a 5% increase per year through 2016. However, as the number of travelers increases, more consumers are looking for customized and specialty vacations to fit their needs, which in the past were oftentimes exclusively for the wealthy.

2. Self Improvement Rules the Roost

In addition, customers are looking for a sense of self-improvement during their time-off, leading to a rise in the number of vacations that focus on the environment, wellness, and cultural awareness.

3. Go Where the Locals Go

Similarly, as a decreasing number of American tourists wish to spend their vacation solely on hotel property, partaking in cultural and local activities is of growing importance to consumers and, in effect, to the hotel industry. In order to remain competitive, destinations must promote and support local and cultural events and locations.

4. Sustainability Sustains its Presence

Although not a new trend, the travel industry’s efforts to promote sustainability are going to be of increasing importance to travelers in the upcoming year and will serve as an influential factor when choosing transportation, lodging and activities. Additionally, consumers will be increasingly concerned about the quality of products and food they consume, as well as where they came from and whether or not they were sustainably produced. Due to this increased concern, it is important that companies consider a more sustainable business model in order to stay relevant in the future.

5. Continued Rise in Mobile

As of January 2014, 90% of American adults own a cell phone, so it’s not surprising that the number of mobile bookings is expected to rise, in fact it’s expected to double. According to Fox Business’ article Travel Trends for 2015, those customers who utilize mobile booking features may actually save more money than those who don’t and have easy access to new apps that offer self-service check-in, use as room keys, and many other features. This mobility will allow customers to be more in charge of every aspect of their travels and will have an altering effect on other areas of travel as well.

6. Expectation of Free Wi-Fi

To efficiently incorporate this influx of mobile customers, all areas of travel will need to accommodate mobile-friendly options, namely through free and fast Wi-Fi. Just take a look on any travel-reviewing website and you will see that travelers have come to expect readily available Wi-Fi throughout every step of their journey.

7. Value Still Hits Home

And lastly, just as it has been advised for many years, be sure to book your vacation in advance. Online booking sites are expected to offer an increasing number of flash sales next year, while bundle booking is on the rise and is one of the easiest ways for consumers to save money while traveling.

With all this good news for the travel industry in 2015, marketers and consumers alike should be excited for this year and the exciting new improvements to come.

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