The Multiscreen Consumer -Get Through With Multi Channel Marketing

As a business owner that uses advertising, are you concerned that consumer attention is becoming more fragmented as they interact with multiple electronic devices simultaneously? Do you see your kids in front of the TV with their laptop open while texting their friends and wonder – How can my message possibly get through? Well, don’t worry. The experts at Interactive Ad Bureau (IAB) recently released a research study indicating that by using multi channel marketing, or an ad campaign across multiple devices, you can successfully get noticed.

Today’s TV viewer, for example, is no longer satisfied to simply sit and watch the TV screen. 63% of television viewers say that they now watch TV along with another connected device. What devices are they using? According to a “Screens to the nth report”

Smartphone – 45%

Tablet – 30%

Computer 21%

Another IAB report “The Multiscreen Marketer” shows the rise of the 4-screen consumer. This consumer watches TV while also turning to the computer, tablet and smartphone. What’s funny is that this is the consumer that is paying the most attention to your ads. This consumer had the highest recall rate (53%) of the names of 3 advertisers that appeared on a TV program.

Here at The Brandon Agency, we recently launched a multi-channel marketing and re-branding campaign for our client, CresCom Bank. The bank was consolidating its two separate bank units into one bank name and needed to make sure that the name was well established by the end of the campaign. With a limited budget, we launched a high impression multi-channel campaign using outdoor, print, TV, radio, online and social. The campaign ran in the Charleston SC and Myrtle Beach SC DMA’s and ran for a period of 4 weeks. The results have been amazing. Brand awareness for the new bank name measured higher than for either of the previous single bank names and business for the bank is booming.

So, don’t get discouraged by these ADD, multi-tasking consumers….embrace ‘em. Just make sure that you don’t choose one way to reach them and look to a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Scott Brandon

Scott Brandon

Chief Executive Officer

Scott has led the growth of Brandon into a Southeastern powerhouse with over 120 employees in four offices across the U.S. As a highly sought-after strategist and business-minded visionary, he has helped develop and grow brands such as YETI Coolers, Southern Tide, CresCom Bank, Williams Knife Co. and Fish Hippie. Always on the forefront of technology, Scott’s focus is on data-driven marketing and developing growth minded strategies and tactics. Although he has an endless passion for marketing, Scott is happiest when he is outdoors hunting and fishing with his family.

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