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The Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths

Are you skeptical about social media marketing? Have you always believed it to be too difficult to use or you won’t get results from it? Read our blog below where we put the biggest social media marketing myths to rest!

1. It’s Easy to Understand

Sure, most of us have a Facebook or Twitter page and you think: “how hard can it really be to manage and market a social media page?” Social media marketing takes strategy, patience and research. Understanding whom your client is and what voice they are trying to convey is important. Listen to your client, have a social media plan and constantly research and learn to better improve your client’s brand.

2. It’s Free for Clients

Time is money and when it comes to social media marketing, there is a lot of time involved. Are you wondering what social media coordinators do all day that takes so much time? Developing a social media strategy, creating content, building a loyal audience, posting and monitoring on social media, and engaging on social media are just a few things we do throughout the day to help get brands noticed.

3. It’s Optional

No, it isn’t. Whether you have a large business or a mom and pop diner, social media connects your business to the digital world. If you are constantly engaging, posting, and dedicating your time to updating your social media space, you will see results.

4. The More Fans, the More Successful

There is an on-going argument that states the more fans you have, the more successful your social media page will be. Would you rather have more fans that rarely engage or a smaller amount of fans that are constantly engaging on your space? Whatever it is, be diligent on posting, keep your content fresh, and constantly listen and engage with your fans. Over time, you will see results and people will appreciate your consistency.

5. Strategy Isn’t Necessary

We cannot stress the importance of having a strategy when it comes to social media marketing. Look at both the short-term and long-term goals you have for your social media pages. Remember: be creative, deliver fresh content, stay consistent with your brand values and do not neglect your page!

Did we leave anything out? Give us a shout!