Should a Golf Blog Be Called a Flog (Golf Spelled Backwards)?

Golf blogs are like golf swings, no two are quite the same. But, in the blogosphere, there are some insightful, inspiring and fun golf blogs out there to check out. Here are some suggestions:

Matt Ginella, Senior Travel Editor, Golf Digest
The “Where’s Matty G?” golf blog is likely the most widely read one out there. Maybe it’s because any golf enthusiast would love to have his gig – getting paid to travel, play golf, then travel and play golf some more. But mostly, Matty G’s candor, style, humor and perspective rolls smoothly like a putt at Augusta National. The “G” means “Ginella; I think it means “Golf.”

Justin Ray, ESPN
Justin is a studio researcher at ESPN and the lead researcher for the Scott Van Pelt Show. What’s great about Justin’s blog are the numbers. I used to do research at ESPN too, so I know how much stats, numbers, trends and facts are a vital part of the job. Those qualities show in Justin’s work – great facts, backed up with stats, facts and more. Read his blog and you might win a few bar bets chatting up your buddies about the next PGA TOUR event.

Rick Hall, The Best In Golf
This blog I call the “every man’s” golf blog. Rick is a former Golf Digest employee and it is clear from his entries that golf is not just a sport to him and his family, but also a way of life. His conversational stream-of-consciousness style is fun and sometimes allows you to reminisce about similar experiences in our lives. Plus, he provides great links to cool stuff like where to find the “Best 19th holes,” or the “Best Shrimp and Grits in Charleston.” Golf, food and drink – the perfect trifecta!

Grouchy Golf
Don’t let the name fool you – this golf blog is pretty funny. Blunt, honest, sarcastic – a blog after my own heart. A blogger who says what most of us are thinking.

Hooked on Golf
The name says it all…this golf blog has something for everybody: equipment reviews, course reviews, photos, videos and more. If you don’t find something about golf you like on this blog, you just don’t like golf.

Pure Golf 2010
I really, really wish I was these guys. This blog is basically two Kiwis, Jamie and Michael, who are golfing every day of the year. Now many people try to do that but this is a bit more unique. They’re golfing around the world every day, and raising money for the First Tee of New Zealand. You can follow their journey around the world and read daily blogs about their experiences, as well as donate at their Web site.

Golf Girl’s Diary
Patricia Hannigan shares her passion for golf with an interesting take from a chicks with sticks perspective. It also doesn’t hurt that she likes to blog from her chaise lounge wearing a bikini (tastefully). She calls it a “fun, flirty, fashionable golf blog” and definitely worth a look. Go to her site now, and nominate someone for the Birdy & Grace Golf Woman of the Year. The winner gets a prize package including a trip to New York City, a photo shoot as the featured model in Spring 2011, fitted outfits made by Birdy & Grace and a hot new putter by Sweet Spot.

Other recommended golf blogs:

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Phil Werz
program communicator (and 4 handicap)

(John Rusher, senior program manager, also contributed to this report.)