Shedding Light on a Product's Features Helps Set Them Apart from Competitors and Drive Sales

When Charleston, S.C.-based AthLights came to The Brandon Agency, they were developing plans to get its first product on the shelves of big box retailers and in front of consumers in time for the 2014 holiday shopping season. And since this was in July, there wasn’t a moment to lose!

Right about now, you’re probably asking, “What is an AthLights?” That’s a good question. AthLights is a set of battery-powered flashing LED lights that magnetically attach to clothing or athletic gear and provide superior protection while running, walking or biking at night or before sunrise. And while most lights on the market are big and bulky, AthLights are small and light. Not to mention, since they are new to the market, they’re relatively unknown.

The challenge for The Brandon Agency was to develop material that would help AthLights stand out from competitors and catch the eye of shoppers. We first had to develop a new brand identity and apply it to new packaging and sales materials. Our primary goals: show how easy AthLights are to use and promote the key product features through branding, packaging and public relations.

Our internal process led us to designing a new logo, as well as packaging to showcase the product features in an eye-catching, informative way. We supplemented this with a sales sheet for retail consultants to better explain the value and uses for the product.

Logo Redesign

As we started the process, we found that the old logo needed an update in order to make the product and features “pop” on the packaging. Keeping in mind the key product features, their purpose and where and how the logo would be displayed, our team developed a new logo focused on simplicity and readability. One that was not overly stylized and uses a font that reflects a strong, sporty feel. To go along with the new logo, we also developed a new tagline that captures the brand essence, “Lights At Night,” quickly and clearly communicates what the product does.

Product Packaging Redesign

Because the product is small – two lights are approximately 2/3rds the width of a dime, and only ¼ inch high – the old packaging was small. And that didn’t leave enough room for any messaging to help inform the buyer. Again, because of its small size, the packaging was busy, hard to read and dominated by the old logo taking away from the product itself.

Our first step was to increase the package size vertically to allow for more content and graphics on the front aimed at instantly telling the shoppers what AthLights are and their key benefits. We applied an image of a runner wearing the product to show, rather than tell, consumers how the product is worn and why. Overall, the design is sleek, includes a more muted color palette that allows the logo, tagline and key product features to pop. (Do you agree?)

Sell Sheet

When approaching big box retailers, it’s critical to put your best foot forward and quickly communicate your product’s key features and benefits to consumers. AthLights recognized their need for an updated sell sheet that would align with their new logo and packaging visually, and improve communications between their sales teams and interested retailers. The Brandon Agency used the new logo and many of the same design elements from the packaging, including better product shots and a clear outline of “top five” product features to tell the story. Coupled with a sleek design and strong messaging, the new sell sheet quickly shows retailers why AthLights is the best option available.

Public Relations

Once AthLights had a shiny new logo, informative messaging, and new packaging, it was ready to be talked about. The Brandon Agency PR team developed a series of tools to spread the word about this amazing little product that could. The PR tool kit included highly targeted media contacts and bloggers, editorial opportunities, and an action plan for getting that third-party credibility in the form of reviews, write-ups, must-have lists, and shopping guides that customers look for these days.

Look for AthLights to be hitting the Web and stores near you soon!