Primetime TV Viewing On The Web Makes Large Gains

According to study released Monday, February 4 by Solutions Research, primetime TV viewing on the Web has gained considerably in the past year. The survey said 80 million Americans watched a TV show online last year. This number accounts for 43% of the online population, up from 25% who said they watched a TV show on the Web last year. So what does this mean to ad agencies and advertisers alike? Well, to me it means that this audience can’t be ignored. The local affiliates need to ramp up their ability to deliver geo-specific ad content to the commercial lineup within programming even if the programming is being viewed over the network’s primary site (not the affiliate’s site). We are moving ever closer to the day when we will no longer be valuing (and buying) broadcast media based on the value of the total audience but on the specific number of times the message is viewed.