Moms Have Different Purchase Habits

Mintel completed a research project released May 10, 2012 indicating that becoming a mother changes the way women shop. While we all may have suspected that to be the case, Mintel’s new data proves it.

One of the key contributors to this change is the considerable expense associated with having kids, making budgeting and value seeking more essential. In addition, the increased pressure on time and logistics puts a real premium on convenience. Mom is also concerned about safety and durability. If you have even had boys (I have two), they tear stuff up and you are always better off buying products that can stand rough treatment.

The Mintel data says that fifty-six percent of moms who only have children younger than six want things to last longer/be more durable, while 51% say they question how safe things are for their children to eat, use and wear. Additionally, 46% of moms with younger kids say a low price has become more important.

The bottom line is that once women become “moms”, they become more cautious and do more research before making purchase decisions. They pay more attention to the contents in foods, especially chemicals. This of course is correlated to price. Sometimes “cheaper” is not always better if it conflicts with the goal of better nutrition.

So, if you want to attract more ‘moms” as customers, make sure that you are being transparent, make it easy for them to do research on your product and don’t be afraid of online reviews and social media. The best retailers in this space help “moms” balance their many priorities.

[Source: Research conducted by Mintel. 10 May 2012. Web. 10 May 2012.]

Scott Brandon

Scott Brandon

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