Huffpost recipe

Like a fine wine, quality Web content gets better with age

Providing high-quality Web content on a consistent basis is a sound strategy for any brand. Surprisingly, however, when using the right mediums, success is not always immediate and can be achieved months later.

Here’s an example of recipe content written by one of our bloggers as a sponsored post. This post happened to be published December 2012, but it was then mentioned in an article on Huffington Post on January 27, 2014. The post made its initial impact in the first month with more than 1,000 pins, but now it’s receiving a second life on one of the Web’s most trafficked sites well over a year after it was originally published!

The same success can be achieved on social media, but it has to be the right content for the right social site.

If a brand is interested in providing content to its social media followers that has a longer shelf life, Pinterest is a strong option. A recent ROI study done by Piqora showed that 50 percent of visits happen after 3.5 months of first pinning. By comparison, Facebook has a post reach of 7 hours. Surely Facebook is still an important part of any social strategy, as brands on Facebook have the opportunity to reach more fans with a post initially, it’s not as likely the post will be seen after the initial opportunity.

But on Pinterest, all it takes is a few users with good followings to search for a topic related to a pin, which leads to an avalanche of repins that can happen any given period of time after the original pin.

I’m fairly certain it takes longer than 3.5 months or even a year for a fine wine to age, but a digital marketing strategy filled with high-quality Web content can produce long-term, full-bodied results.