I can smell the popcorn

Bounce, What Women Want, Sweet November, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Thirty Something, Mad Men. There have been some many movies and TV Shows trying to give the general public an idea of the agency life. None have really portrayed an accurate depiction of the way I see it, until now. There are two great documentaries coming out about this business I love, Art & Copy and Lemonade. Two movies with two different approaches that both share the same objective. To inspire. First, Art & Copy; this documentary follows some of the greatest minds in advertising including Dan Weiden, Lee Clow and Hal Riney.

Now if you want to know what advertising is all about, these are the guys you need to listen to. You see, I share a passion with most of these folks in the movie, I truly love working for different clients. Finding out more about their business and their challenges and solving them, whether it be a print ad, a tv spot or a digital campaign. I love the challenge all these mediums bring. It’s what makes me tick. I look forward to checking this film out, it may just have to be in Charlotte.


The documentary Lemonade follows several people that have been effected by the recession and its influence on the ad industry. One man becomes a woman, another poses nude to help him land another gig and one makes a compelling movie. I think all of us can relate to what these people are going through regardless if you’re in advertising or not. This recession has effected the ad industry probably more so than any other industry. A very depressing subject but somehow these guys seemed to find away to spin it. I can’t wait to see this film and how the recession inspired these people to change their lives for the better. Two great films that I hope you all go see.