Instagram vs Vine

Has Instagram Wilted Your Vine?

Do you feel like you’re always in a hurry and can’t fit in every detail you need to post the perfect video; you want your friends to see, on Vine? Well, there’s a new alternative.

Instagram recently released a 15-second video feature. When I read the article that was posted shortly after the launch, I immediately thought what people will use more, Instagram or Vine? At first blush, Instagram’s new feature doesn’t appear much different from Vine. You take short 15 second clips by pressing and releasing the new video icon and you can delete individual clips. Of course, it being Instagram, there are 13 new filters that you can try out in real time and instead of an automated preview frame, you can select a different ones to share to all your friends. The photography is unbelievable and can extend beyond basic video. Oh, and clips only play once, they don’t loop.

By introducing this astonishing feature, Instagram is mixing things up for the casual video taker.

When a new social app first launches most people will download it for all sorts of uses, but mainly to try it out. You can always delete it if you don’t like it. In this case most people already have Instagram and/or Vine on their phones and/or tablets. Both apps are easy and fun to use, but the user will be the one to decide which video feature is better.

On the other hand, Vine’s only feature is video, but Instagram has pictures. So, if more people enjoy the Instagram video feature more than Vine’s where will Vine go? Will there be more features added or will Vine slowly vanish into that dark place where Myspace now lives.

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