Facebook Pages Manager App – A Great Tool for Facebook Administrators

Back in May, page administrators breathed a collective sigh of relief when Facebook released the Pages Manager app for the iPhone, allowing page owners to more effectively access, manage and post to pages without having to deal with their personal accounts.
Since we all know the life of a social media manager never stops, this app makes it 1,000x easier for Facebook page managers to stay connected 24/7, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.
Pages Manager allows administrators of Facebook pages to easily post new updates and photos and respond to comments as their Pages, get notifications about new activity on their Pages immediately, view Page insights and access a list of page admins.
The most recent version, which was updated on June 25, has undergone a few key updates, with new features and bug fixes. Some of the new features include:
– Page owners can now view and reply to direct messages their pages receive.
– The ability to adjust how often page owners receive notifications about Pages activity.
– See answers to questions and guest lists for events created on their Pages.
– Insights have been added for checkins.
There are only a few limitations to the app. For instance: While page owners can see answers to questions and guest lists for events, they cannot create events or post Questions from the app. But with that said, this app is ultimately a real lifesaver for anyone who is a Facebook page manager.
Are you currently using the Pages Manager application? Are there any other updates you’d like to see made?
Update: The latest update of the app, version 1.2, was released today and is now available at the App Store. Aside from general performance updates, additional changes include the ability to upload photos directly to your Page’s albums and see photos that are attached to messages. The app is now also available in 11 languages.
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