Sign saying, "Generation Z"

Connecting the Dots: What to Remember About Gen Z

This much we know about Gen Z — they’re digital natives. They’re aware of social standing. They bring sensibility and limited but growing spending power.

And they’re on an upward trajectory as consumers worldwide.

The Brandon Agency has analyzed data and shared insights in this five-part series on Gen Z. Our partner, GlobalWebIndex, supplied data across relevant segments and global markets. Through it all, we learned much about the latest generation to make a splash.

We’ll recap some of those learning and reiterate ways your brand can reach Gen Z consumers.

1. You can win them over with a bit of awareness

They have a relaxed definition of age and an identity forged in the turbulent 2020s. Born in the mid to late 90s to early 2010s, Gen Z ranges from elementary school to post-college. And reports show 75% of them spend more their money monthly.

Don’t confuse them with Millennials, though.

As digital natives, they’ve been touching touch screens since they were toddlers. Unlike generations before them, they are aware they need to unplug often. They game, they’re enigmatic, and they’re changing the face of social media.

TikTok, anyone?

Getting messages before Gen Z is a struggle for older generations. The thing they love when they shop, according to data, is free delivery (54%). Coupons and discounts (24%) and exclusive content (24%). Come in next.


Stay aware. Gen Z knows what’s going on, and expects the brands they frequent to, too. Have a positive presence, especially on Instagram and TikTok.

2. Know where they live, how they live, how to reach them

Older Gen Zs are starting families; younger ones are likely the youngest in their family.

They grew up in turbulent times, and their tenacity to enact change reflects that. They came of age came during COVID-19, remember. Gen Z makes up 25% of internet users, and 68 million in U.S. population.

Also, 72% of them live with at least one parent.

More than half (58%) live in the suburbs, and 24% in suburbia. Only 18% are rural. Many of the guys (62%) are into gaming, and many of the girls (68%) have interest in makeup and cosmetics. And 2 in 5 exercise on the regular, led by jogging (41%) and hitting the gym (28%).


Rely on your data and metrics, and don’t be afraid to be creative. Join the conversation on Instagram and TikTok. A united social media and paid media strategy is the way to go.

3. Know what they expect from brands

They want authenticity.

They’ll trust your brand (80%) if your social images are natural and raw, not photoshopped and staged. They want equal rights for all and an opportunity to travel the world for themselves.

They’re anxious and overworked and want to do something to change that.

They want self-improvement and green living. Show them how your brand plays into that, how it makes them better. How it makes the earth a better place.

The contribute to their communities and expect you to, too.


Know what separates you from your competition. And understand what separates them from other generations. Use focus groups and research to grow alongside them.

4. Know how they consume media

They’re more responsible with screen time than their big brothers, parents, and grandparents. Understand that they’re not on their phones 24/7. Your message must resonate.

They’re native technophiles; they know their way around a touchscreen and tablet.

They’re careful with their deets, and won’t share them for nothing. They want to browse incognito — and they know how to do it. They’re not as corralled by the same tactics as previous generations.

They’re the ones you ask for tech help.

They keep devices simple; give them a good smartphone and laptop with decent battery life? They’re set. They stream a lot, so that’s an opportunity to get in front of them.


Plant seeds with this audience. Flash and trash won’t go very far to get their attention. They want to engage with brands, so open up and be social.

5. They’re TikToking and on the rise

TikTok and Gen Z grow together.

They’re both testing the tried and true model of commerce, with live stream events. Show them a showroom and they’ll show you a shopable online experience. They like their eCommerce with a side of entertainment.

Streaming allows product demos in a time when you can’t try on a pair of jeans in the mall.

It’s no surprise legacy social media platforms have engaged in some copycat action. They’re trying to replicate the environment where Gen Z does business. How well does your brand know how to do it?

Forge an authentic, engaging video presence to go a long way with this generation.


Don’t be afraid to try TikTok and other video platforms. Gen Z is looking for brands on the same frequency as them. Simple steps on these platforms can yield invaluable connections.

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