TBA Conference room

Building Creativity Around Our Table

Let’s paint a picture: You’re pitching a new client. You’ve gathered the best brains in your company together to brainstorm a winning concept. What does that room look like? Are you stuffed into the smallest office cubicle, sitting on the floor? Maybe. Or are you gathered together in the “big conference room”? You know, the one with the cool fixtures and the power table that just makes you feel like a boss.

While everyone may be different, to us, the second option sounds like the better one. Which is why we chose to bring a piece of history into both our Charleston and Chattanooga offices with custom badass conference tables. I know, I know … “badass conference table” sounds like an oxymoron. But in all seriousness, these tables give other agencies conference-table envy.

Channeling our Southern roots, we partnered with designer Tom Collins to construct our custom power-tables. We used 715-year-old wood from the Eddy Lake Cypress Company, which burned down in 1910 and sunk to the bottom of Eddy Lake. Due to low oxygen levels and dark waters, the wood was perfectly preserved, providing very stable wood with history and character. (See — badass conference table.)

At The Brandon Agency, we believe in generating revolutionary business-building ideas that help our clients grow. What better way to do just that than by gathering around a table that has a great backstory, helps stem creativity and, overall, makes you feel like a boss?