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Brandon Bio: Stephen Childress

Stephen Childress is the Chief Creative Officer at Brandon and oversees all creative and production for Brandon and TBA Outdoors. He’s a 20-year veteran in the industry and has worked on numerous brands like Verizon, Denny’s, GE Appliances, and Brown-Forman. His work has been featured in the One Show, Communication Arts, The National Addys and many other shows.

What drew you to work for Brandon initially?

As someone who has lived in the Carolinas off and on, I’ve always known about and been impressed with the agency’s longevity and the portfolio of brands that have existed here through the years. I have also appreciated how the agency has always seemed to be one step ahead of the game from a digital marketing perspective.

What are the reason(s) that you have continued working here?

The people. The work. The unique blend of creative opportunities across the board. One day we’re doing a national TV spot and the next we’re helping an eComm startup. 

What stands out to you about the culture here at Brandon?

I’ve enjoyed the vibe of positivity and focus around truly helping our clients succeed. And there is an openness and spirit of collaboration that I appreciate. There are also some nice benefits, too, like fully remote work, which has helped work-life balance for many of our teams. 

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and/or the team at Brandon?

I love solving problems. Every client has a unique set of goals and challenges. So I love digging into new strategies, new approaches and new creative and production solutions to help our clients succeed. There’s also a really wide variety of projects here that you just don’t find at other places, which keeps things very fresh. 

How has the agency evolved during your time here? 

We’ve put a lot of effort into growing our in-house production capabilities. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been awesome having top-level production capabilities at our fingertips each day. 

Has there been a favorite project you’ve been able to work on or be involved in during your time here?

Four words. Mashed Potato Snow Village. Working with Idahoan this past year has been amazing. They’re such a smart, fun, savvy client. And getting to build a miniature, holiday-themed village with mashed potato snow as part of our holiday social campaign was just one of those uniquely fun projects this year. 

If you didn’t work in Marketing/Advertising, what would you be doing?

It would be some combination of being a movie critic, trying to land one of those travel jobs where you go around the world eating local food, and something to scratch my musical side. 

Stephen Childress

Stephen Childress

Chief Creative Officer

A South Carolina native, musician and movie-lover, Stephen has 20 years of experience creating integrated work for brands like Verizon, Denny’s, Michelin, GE Appliances, Quicken Loans, South Carolina Tourism, Wyndham, The Red Cross and other notable brands. With a passion for innovation, Stephen’s work has been featured among the industry’s biggest award shows including numerous appearances in The One Show, The National Addys, Communication Arts, NY Festivals and others all while achieving great results. When he’s not working, you can catch him recording music, watching movies, pulling for the Steelers and Braves or spending time hiking with his family.

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