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Big Event, Big Marketing Opportunity

With the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII just around the corner, and the Sochi Winter Olympics only a week away, various brands have used the growing anticipation for these big events as an opportunity to capitalize on their marketing campaigns.

Brands such as Pepsi, Dannon and Volkswagen (just to name a few) have released teaser Super Bowl ads in an effort to generate hype for the upcoming game this Sunday. Bud Light, in particular, has used a series of short campaigns throughout the past few weeks, starring celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Smith to motivate consumers.

As one the largest international events viewed by millions of people across the globe, the Sochi Winter Olympics also creates an irresistible advertising opportunity for companies and brands alike.

Proctor & Gamble’s “Thank You, Mom 2014 Winter Games” commercial, which pays tribute to all mothers around world, presents a relatable and impactful message that went viral within hours.

Similarly, Guinness recently released its heartwarming piece, “Guinness: Barnes Twins, Biathletes,” which reveals a remarkable story about identical twins, one of whom made it to the Olympics. Mixed with a powerful message and strategic simplicity, Guinness captures elements of both sacrifice and perseverance.

Although we would love to show you this piece, it was pulled from media outlets Thursday morning (you may still be able to sneak a peek here) and will not be featured again until after the Olympics, as Guinness is not an Olympic sponsor. That means no Olympic competitors in advertising from Jan. 30 – Feb. 26 without permission from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Nevertheless, we assure you, it is worth the wait.

All of these campaigns have the same goal in mind. They create excitement. They amplify emotion. They engage. They are excellent examples of how brands can equally influence consumer behavior and relate to an entire fan base of a specific event – and that’s just good marketing.