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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Did you know more than 250 million photos are uploaded every day onto Facebook? Over the years, we have seen exponential changes to Facebook and its layout. However, photos and photo albums have consistently remained an important part of Facebook’s success.

It seems we are now becoming more visual than ever before. According to a recent Harvard Business School study, 70 percent of all activity on Facebook revolves around photos. As a result, a post will stand out if an engaging and visually striking photo is attached. After all, it is human nature to be attracted to colorful and pretty things.

Look at the example of pictures of food on Facebook. Food is one of the most searched topics on Facebook. At The Brandon Agency, we believe having a quality photo can make all the difference when you’re posting a picture of food on Facebook. Looking at a picture of food instead of a post that simply writes out the nightly specials will attract more attention.

We believe pictures matter and we try to place pictures in all of our Facebook posts.

Do you agree?