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6 Trends in Digital Marketing To Watch in 2023

From junior associate to senior director of marketing, learning is critical to success. Economic swings and product supply and demand affect business, creating an atmosphere in which trends emerge for the best practices for these conditions. Marketers can still find short-term sparks and long-term processes to put in place. 

And they shouldn’t hesitate to take a few calculated risks to become a trendsetter, too.

Here are six digital marketing trends to watch in 2023.

1. Reliance on push notifications

Consumers are more likely than ever to use a mobile device in the buying journey. Push notifications deliver pertinent information to your customers’ mobile devices, including:

  • Digital receipts
  • Exclusive offers
  • Upcoming appointments

A push notification appears as a message bubble on the home screen or as a text message. Brands use these alerts to deliver relevant news, upcoming events, or polls to boost engagement.

STAT: The median open rate for push notifications is 4.6% on Android and 3.1% on iOS. Rates vary, according to Portland-based software company Although those rates might seem low, they’re typical and not worthy of concern.

TRY THIS: Send relevant, well-timed messages. Location-based notifications can yield great results if the offer is compelling and fits well with your user’s behavior, location, and preferences.

2. Strengthening of an omnichannel presence

Consumers expect a seamless experience across mobile and offline touchpoints. Video and other content are key to this melding of digital and physical channels. By using digital and brick-and-mortar retail, physical shopping gains more reach than just e-commerce or brick-and-mortar.

Your customer might shop in-store, on social media, and on your mobile app for one transaction. A key step in that is delivery options, from curbside or in-store pickup to locker or at-home delivery.

STAT: Consumers are willing to pay as much as 18% more for the omnichannel experience, according to technology company Intel.

TRY THIS: A harmonious voice is a must, from email to website copy, Facebook to Instagram. This doesn’t mean one writer for all content, but a style guide and brand voice will make all the difference.

3. A fresh method of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t even what it was a year ago. It’s not as simple as selling your wares to the owners of profiles loaded with followers, because the level of trust consumers need has increased. Potential customers expect expert knowledge, and they’re drawn to accounts that induce engagement. 

It’s tough to find similar media value in other strategies. But finding the right influencers in a fitting niche is that sweet spot for success.

STAT: Brands can generate an equal earned media value of $18 per $1 spent on influencer marketing, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, a social media resource for agencies.

TRY THIS: Don’t search for and manage influencers yourself. Team up with Brandon. Our experts can analyze your needs and reach, and we can select and manage the options for you.

4. Delve into programmatic advertising

What if an algorithm and software could seek and buy advertising on your behalf? That’s programmatic advertising. It helps with optimization and planning, giving you targeted ads in the right places. This software uses data from your customer base to match viewers for your campaign.

It will buy digital ad inventory on platforms that might interest your customers. Data influences the content and delivery of those ads based on the insights generated.

STAT: Marketers devote more than 50% of their budget to programmatic advertising, says data analysis firm Statistica.

TRY THIS: Analyze data gathered from programmatic ads. Read the third-party details to define your campaign reach and potential ROI. Accenture studies reveal 83% of consumers don’t mind exchanging data for a better experience.

5. Don’t forget your social impact strategy

It’s been easy in recent years to chart brands’ success and failure in connecting with the public about values. But without society-shifting events, we can lose sight of the effects of a company’s stances on the public’s perception of them. But content that runs deeper and more genuinely than a current events check-in can influence consumer loyalty.

Customers want brands to convey their values through authentic content. They demand that their business practices reflect those values. 

STAT: Edelman’s 2023 Trust Barometer says 67% of Americans see the nation as more divided than in the past. Keeping an index of how your brand’s values are playing out in this is paramount to your strategy.

TRY THIS: Brand alignment is imperative. Be sure all stakeholders are working toward the same objectives. The C-suite should support public goals for brand, community, and customer alignment.

6. Automated, personalized email marketing

Email has become a set-it-but-don’t-forget-it proposition for brands. Timetables and triggers determine when, and to whom, to send personalized emails. Business email has long been a trusted vehicle for communication. And it still serves to update customers about news and sales.

That is, if they are personalized messages that deliver relevant content. Personalization is useful for recapturing engagement to lead consumers down your funnel.

STAT: LinkedIn says 65% of marketers believe email is the most effective way to reach customers. On the consumer side, 74% say non-personalized correspondence can hamper their buying journey.

TRY THIS: Dynamic content takes personalization way beyond plugging in a first name. It allows emails to display varying content depending on the segment. What better way to present content that feels tailored to the recipient?

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