Scott Brandon
Chief Executive Officer


No one knows this business like CEO Scott Brandon. 

Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, Scott attended Davidson College, where he majored in economics, and the University of South Carolina, where he received his Juris Doctor. He practiced law with Bellamy Law for four years, but found no passion in it. 

That’s when, in 1993, his father Cecil Brandon gave him work at a little growing company called The Brandon Agency, which grew into South Carolina’s largest independently owned advertising agency

Always the innovator, Scott has been at the forefront of many trends, including (but not limited to): the use of social media in advertising, email database capture strategies for clients, customer relationship management tools, and the development of specialized digital marketing services through TBA’s sister company, Fuel Interactive.

However, when asked about his biggest accomplishment, Scott immediately says it’s his family, with three kids and a happy marriage. One of his favorite things to do is take his family out on the boat to fish. 

Other happy times involve inspiration by art – especially surrealism. It serves as a “good escape” from his more tedious work and reminds him “there is no box around creativity.” Scott also enjoys taking pictures of sunsets, rainbows and full moons. For him, the beauty and immeasurable solace he finds in nature is a deep breath after a busy day.

Scott exercises his leadership position on many boards within the community, including the Board of Directors for the Myrtle Beach Area Recovery Council.

Tyler Easterling
President and COO


Tyler Easterling, the agency’s president and chief operating officer, is known for her impeccable ability to “get things done,” and loves to check off items on her (long) to-do list on time and on budget. 

A problem solver and team player, Tyler has worked hard to get where she is today.  Whether it’s making sure a media campaign is exactly what a client wants or ensuring that the agency has the right tools and budget to reach the goal, she always handles her responsibilities with good sense and grace. “I think if you see happiness from someone, they are probably succeeding on a daily basis,” says Tyler.

Originally from Marietta, Ga., Tyler received her bachelor’s degree in public relations from Ole Miss and her master’s in mass communication and advertising from the University of South Carolina. Prior to Brandon, Tyler worked on several large brands, including Orient-Express, Celebrity Cruises and the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Tyler views The Brandon Agency as results-driven, and firmly believes: “we truly want our clients to succeed.” She values accountability, and draws creativity by listening and watching other people. 

“We know how to measure success,” says Tyler. “The fact that we can share that success with clients really sets this agency apart.” 

Besides her many work accolades, Tyler counts her family as her biggest blessing, her largest inspiration and her two children her mammoth accomplishment of all. Tyler loves spending time on the beach, but if it’s Sunday, it’s more likely she’s watching NASCAR with family. 

Andy Kovan
Account Planning & Development Director


If you’re looking for the life of the party, look no further. Andy Kovan has arrived.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, he graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in public relations. After working for the Bagwell Agency, Ad-Net Inc. and Henderson Advertising, fate finally brought him to Murrells Inlet. Andy is now the vice president of account planning and development director here at Brandon.

Most of Andy’s work is covert ops. He does the research, gets the information, and passes it along to his clients or co-workers to produce the most effective brand.

“Every day is different,” he says. “To find out why customers behave the way they do – it’s like investigating a crime scene, I love it.”

Andy also loves his wife and two daughters, and he finds himself taking pride in their accomplishments. “My wife and I are both in grad school in our forties,” he says. “I’m proud of us.”

To him, the most important thing to have is “moxie.” Andy firmly believes it takes passion, patience, and a strong spirit to make life worthwhile. Those who are too scared to fight for something don’t have a fighting chance at all, he thinks.

As for moxie, Andy certainly has it. He completed three triathlons in a single year.

Missy Thompson
Creative Director


Having risen through the ranks of the advertising profession all the way from paste-up artist (yes, that was a job) to agency owner, Missy has seen and done it all. She started a freelance design business when her twin girls were born, where she learned to simultaneously hold a phone, two babies, three notebooks and still create outstanding, award-winning work. She eventually co-founded KMT Creative Group, where she oversaw all things good and creative for 15 years. In 2013, Missy was awarded the Silver Medal from Ad Federation of Chattanooga in recognition of outstanding contributions in advertising in the Chattanooga community.

She has worked closely as an account representative with CBL & Associates Properties for 20 plus years, providing inspired solutions for their 93 properties across the U.S. She has also worked closely with First Things First, Thrive 2055, Tennessee Rand, Frogg Toggs, Memorial Hospital and Cap Carpets, just to name a few.

Missy is originally from Nashville, but has claimed Chattanooga as her stomping ground for the past 27 years. Missy spent her college days in Florida, which may help explain her perpetually sunny disposition (as well as the occasional sudden storm). When she’s not working her advertising magic, Missy is probably FaceTiming her daughters, holding down her title as Fisherwoman Extraordinaire with her husband or rummaging for cookies.

Shelby Greene
Media Director


Shelby Greene has a full plate as vice president and media director, but she handles it all seamlessly. From scoping the best media grabs to keeping everyone on budget, Shelby never skips a beat. 

Maybe it’s her Midwest work ethic, deep-rooted in Indianapolis, Ind. (She now calls Mt. Pleasant, S.C., home.) “I can’t get enough of the beach,” says Shelby. “Maybe that’s from growing up landlocked. The ocean is now an endless source of inspiration for me.”

She attended Franklin College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising and public relations. She later earned her MBA from Anderson University.

Known for her determination, Shelby is committed to always giving 100 percent. “To me, knowing that I have given my best to my family, friends, clients and whomever I interact with … that connection gives me the most gratification,” she says. 

And she feels like she’s able to do that here at the agency: “We provide real solutions for our clients that benefit them at the right time,” says Shelby. “We have always tied our success to our clients … It’s not a one-sided relationship.”

She is especially proud of the Santee Cooper Mini-Bonds campaign and for organizing and keeping CBL Properties happy. Shelby credits this to the camaraderie and team spirit at the agency. “And,” says Shelby, “the fact that egos don’t get in the way here.” 

Paul Hughes
Director of Public Relations & Social Media


Public relations and social media director Paul Hughes hails from Webster, Mass. A true Massachusetts man, he went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in management from Worcester State College. Paul is also an honor graduate from the Defense Information School. 

He admits he draws creativity from those around him and believes he works best in a team. “When I saw the solid team in place at The Brandon Agency, I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” says Paul. “I’m confident in the cohesive leadership, open communication, passion for excellence and a desire to have fun doing it all.”

Paul recognizes that success comes in all shapes and sizes. “Sometimes success looks like a perfectly made PB&J sandwich. Sometimes it’s a bonus check. But it always looks like a happy client,” says Paul. 

And he would know – he has over 20 years of experience making clients happy. He’s worked for such names as Fairchild Semiconductor, Topaz Partners, Catalyst, Harpell and BBL Advertising. Before he transitioned into public relations, he served in the U.S. Army as a public affairs officer. During his service, Paul commanded men in combat as a senior rated Jumpmaster, conducted media relations in Somalia and earned the Bronze Star Medal. 

Awards and accolades aside, Paul claims his biggest accomplishment is his marriage of more than 27 years to the love of his life and their two children. 

When he’s not working, he loves the beach or hanging out with family on the water.  

Barry Sanders
New Business Development Director


As the director of new business development at The Brandon Agency, Barry Sanders is always on the ball.

Born in Greenville, S.C., Barry earned his bachelor’s in business and master’s in marketing at the University of South Carolina. Before TBA, he was a senior account manager for KWB Advertising, began his ad career at Leslie Advertising, and cut his teeth on the real estate business with the Cliffs Communities account.

It’s safe to say, with all his experience in the field, Barry’s a fair judge of success. What does he think it looks like? “Being the most respected agency in the southeastern U.S.”

(That’s The Brandon Agency.)

While Barry definitely has a passion for what he does for a living, he also feels strongly about his wife and two lovely children. They inspire him to work harder, reach farther, and smile wider. “I always want to be a good provider for my family,” he says.

Barry also likes to assure everyone that he didn’t win the Heisman Trophy in 1988. That was a different Barry Sanders. But he’s still a winner, in our book.

Nick McNeill
Interactive Director


If every person in the world had Nick McNeill’s determination, there would be nothing we couldn’t do.

Born and homegrown local in Conway, S.C., Nick’s been at The Brandon Agency for 12 years since graduating from Coastal Carolina University with a specialized combined degree of computer science and graphic design. He is currently the interactive director here at TBA.

Nick’s always been curious about the Internet and knew it was part of what he wanted to do. However, when he graduated back in 2002, not a lot of people had experience with that world wide web thing. He had to teach himself a majority of what he knows today – and for this, Nick is very proud.

He’s also proud of all the marathons he runs. “It takes a long time to get ready,” he says. 

Running gives Nick purpose and passion; more than that, it reminds him to seek inspiration outside of the office so he can bring it to work with him. He admits, “I try to find it in everything.”

Above all, Nick cares about his job and thinks other people should care, too. “It’s not enough to just get the job done,” he claims. 

One thing you might not know about Nick is his band, The Drag. In the 1990s, he toured the U.S. with a record deal for a few years, strumming his guitar and breathing the air on the open road.

Rock on, Nick. Rock on.

Brian Dorman
Director of Information Services


Without wire-hoarder Brian Dorman holding the IT department together, The Brandon Agency might just disconnect.

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, and raised in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Brian received his BS in computer electronics technology from DeVry University. He since served as an Apple Certified Technical Consultant and has perpetuated incredible financial growth in aggressive environments as the sole IT proprietor.

Brian’s passion for this field of work started when he was young. They called him “Ba-Boom Bob” by high school, in fact. “As a kid, I loved tearing electronics apart to understand how they worked,” he says.

A family man at heart, Brian finds inspiration in his kids and draws creativity from his wife; he prides himself on being a good husband and father. “They embrace life without guise,” he says. “Everything is a new adventure and opportunity to experience.”

Every day there’s something new to learn in Brian’s line of work, and that’s what he loves about being a “student of life.” “I’m always eager to learn and accomplish new experiences,” he says.

If he’s not keeping the office up to speed, Brian’s probably out tinkering with one or all three of his sports cars, which includes a 1995 and 1999 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4.

Jan Suchanek


There are many things to love about CFO Jan Suchanek, but one of the most heartwarming is his sense of humor.

“Success, to me, has a bad hairdo and a private jet,” he says, describing Donald Trump.

Hailing all the way from Prague in the Czech Republic, Jan, a recent naturalized U.S. citizen, received his BS in IT systems from the University of Economics, Prague, and his MBA from University of South Carolina.

“Finance is in my blood,” he says. His father worked in a similar field, and Jan followed in his footsteps, working as a financial and ERP consultant for Smith, Sapp and as a financial controller for Family Kingdom and Sea Mist Resort prior to Brandon.

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