Not Your Average Intern Experience

All trailblazers are young, green firestarters at some point, and there’s no better place to ignite your talent and hone your skill set than here. You won’t be getting us coffee, picking up dry cleaning or walking our dogs — though we do love a quality cup o’ Joe and like dogs better than most humans. Instead, we want you to experience our team as if you were an entry-level, full-time staffer.

Our summer program is full but check back for updated info in the fall. Responsibilities for all the internships we offer are listed below.

Aaron Feight

Email Marketing Specialist

My peers and superiors at The Brandon Agency not only encourage me to continue gaining knowledge, they actively push me to do so, and help guide me if and when I fall short.

Cassidy Graves

Social Media Associate

What I loved most about my TBA internship was that everyone on my team WANTED me to learn. I learned so much that came in handy when I got offered a position here.

Johnnie Sharp

Social Media Associate

The best part of my TBA internship was that I was doing real tasks that full-time employees do. I was doing research for content, writing content and even some content posting. From my very first day at TBA, I felt like I was part of the TBA team and not just an intern.

Kayla Conner

Junior Video Editor

My favorite part about interning at TBA was working on a commercial with another intern, then seeing the commercial come on the TV at home!

Kiersten Kane

Project Manager

The first thing that comes to mind when I think back on my time as an intern is that I learned much more from my internship at TBA than I did in any college class that I ever took. It was real-world experience that I could not get from sitting in front of a professor and a whiteboard.


Public Relations

  • Monitor accounts for coverage and develop daily updates
  • Track and clip coverage for accounts
  • Save documents on server
  • Draft pitch emails
  • Develop editorial calendar opportunity lists
  • Conduct research as needed
  • Assist with new-business planning
  • Conduct media audits
  • Assist with media mailers and press-kit development
  • Draft releases
  • Draft media alerts
  • Develop media databases
  • Conduct outreach to media; follow up; provide updates to team
  • Assist with brainstorms
  • Draft/assist with monthly reports
  • Attend team meetings and brainstorms
  • Assist with drafting agency newsletter articles
  • Send final/approved press releases to the agency

Social Media

  • Attend team meetings and brainstorms
  • Assist with monthly reporting
  • Mail out prizes and product
  • Schedule posts on social pages
  • Develop content calendar templates
  • Assist with content and contest ideas
  • Research latest social media trends and share with team
  • Draft agency blog posts
  • Assist with monitoring social pages for negative comments and flagging for team
  • Take photos and videos as needed
  • Assist with drafting account blog posts and developing ideas

Graphic Design

  • Attend internal team meetings
  • Assist account teams with presentations for creative and new business pitches
  • Concept and design for projects assigned
  • Maintain digital assets
  • Work with writers to develop copy for assignments
  • Assist with agency newsletter concepts

Copy Writing

  • Attend internal team meetings
  • Assist account teams with presentations for creative and new business pitches
  • Concept and design for projects assigned
  • Work with art directors to develop copy for assignments


  • User Interface design
  • User Experience testing
  • Front-end development with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Web standards & accessibility
  • Content management systems
  • Web typography
  • Mobile design

Account Services

  • Research
  • Report on account results
  • Content management
  • Video and photo coordination and production assistance
  • Business development and RFP assistance
  • Assist planning, creative and production processes
  • Organize and manage projects in system
  • Assist with budgeting and estimating
  • Event management
  • All other duties as assigned