20Feb 2017

Why Brand is More Important Than Ever

Making Your Brand a 2017 Resolution

Malorie Pastor

A company’s brand is its body, mind and soul — it defines the ethos and reason for being to your customers or clients, employees, and stakeholders. A brand is the ship: With carefully constructed design, built to weather the hardest of situations, it will guide a company through anything. Without a brand, products and services are simply the sails flapping in the wind without anchor or direction.

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14Feb 2017

Why Authenticity Matters

Scott Brandon

We spend a lot of time discussing authenticity with our clients. An authentic business truly inspires consumers and ultimately prospers. Some of our clients confuse authenticity with transparency, and others sometimes think that the very nature of marketing prevents the brand from being authentic. So, we take great care with our clients to build brands that are truly authentic.

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21Dec 2016

The work Newland Communities puts forth in creating and launching one of its unsurpassed mixed-use, master-planned communities is far from that simple, but our job at The Brandon Agency was to help the company publicly debut its newest North Carolina community—RiverLights in Wilmington—making it immediately recognizable and in demand throughout the region.

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21Dec 2016

Most of us can agree that 2016 can catch the next bus to “see ya” anytime now. (Prince, David-freaking-Bowie, SNAPE?! C’mon!) However you feel about this passing year, it was a doozy filled with any dank meme you could find to help you cope. The social media world was no different. From the giggling Chewbacca mom and Ken Bone to the #MannequinChallenge and everything in between, we saw some wacky things this year in our feeds. Here’s a snapshot.

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16Nov 2016

Dos and Don’ts of Design

Stephanie Krause

More than likely, there will be times when you want to create a quick visual for your company on your own. A few simple tips can help you create effective visuals for your brand’s message. Follow these 10 suggestions for creative that will stay on brand and keep the consistency and message on point.

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03Nov 2016

Instagram is growing up — and moving out of its seemingly snotty teenage years, when it often stayed in its room with the door shut while big brother Facebook was opening up its API. In 2015, the photo-sharing platform broke down its angst-filled exterior (maybe caving to peer pressure?) to allow advertising. And this week, with the announcement of shopping on Instagram, the platform is now proving it’s ready to graduate. We see this is as a game changer for mobile commerce.

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12Oct 2016

A quick glance around a subway train, a ticket line, or even your own dinner table will reveal a fact that you already know to be true: People are always on their mobile devices these days. They’re using them to text, play games, watch movies or, of course, search the web.

So when these people — these current and potential customers — stumble upon your website on their smartphones, tablets or TVs, what do they find? A custom-built mobile site? A slick responsive design? Maybe just a teeny, illegible version of your desktop site that’s not mobile optimized at all? Here’s what they could and should find:

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22Sep 2016

Beyond the LIKE

Paul Hughes

Social media success goes beyond the “like.” While likes are an important initial step in terms of drawing a target audience into a page, true ROI occurs through goal conversions and audience engagement. There are quite a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be used to measure social media efforts, such as: email acquisition, increased web traffic, whitepaper downloads, generation of sales, app downloads, online magazine views, event attendance and e-newsletter sign ups.

Achieving these goals is not easy, but there are a few key practices you can follow that will help. First and foremost, be authentic! It’s important to focus your attention on your audience, and your audience wants to feel like you are genuine and treating them as you would a “real” customer, so avoid the “corporate speak.” Also, if you want people to have interest in what you have to say, you need to understand what it is that they want as a consumer. It’s not always about you! By doing so, you are keeping your relationship with the consumer more of a personal, intimate one, which will show your audience that you care.

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08Sep 2016

I would have written this blog sooner, but procrastination took the lead – and stole the lead I had in mind.

It’s OK, though; it’s a studied setback that the “studiers” say has handicapped us all at one time or another. And procrastination, these studies say, is not always, a problem. Daydreaming, taking a walk or reorganizing your closet before you conquer your to-do list can spark big ideas.

It’s not OK, however, when procrastinating becomes more than a delay and interferes with production. Which is why, in a fast-paced agency environment, it’s critical to overcome procrastination – in its sophisticated form – before it becomes widespread and the scheduling norm.

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19Aug 2016

Think of the last time you had a brilliant idea. In the moment right before that idea came to exist, your mind shut down everything else. Scientists have named that moment the “brain blink.” According to a recent Fast Company article, researchers studying people working to solve complex problems noticed that when a problem is presented, “activity in the visual part of an analytical person’s brain would amp up to take in as much information as possible. On the other hand, the visual cortex would shut down.” Why? This allows the problem solver to block everything else out and look inward to find and retrieve subconscious ideas. So what does brain blinking have to do with marketing? In its purest form, developing advertising creative is complex problem solving. Awesome creative comes from developing awesome creative concepts. And awesome creative concepts come from brain blinks. The question is “How do we continue to keep creative brains blinking day in and day out?” As it turns out, there’s an art and a science to creative inspiration. Here are six tips to help trigger brain-blinking brilliance in your workplace.

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